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  • 0.20g BIO BBs
  • Bottles or Bags
  • ±0.01mm Tolerance

Produced by VORSK Airsoft, these Airsoft BIO BBs are precision engineered 6mm BBs which are designed to be used in a wide range of Airsoft guns and replicas. These BBs are part of the VORSKs brand new range of Airsoft BBs ranging from light weight BBs for beginner Airsoft players, all the way up to super heavyweight BBs for professional players and snipers.

These particular BBs are BIO 0.20g BBs which are created from biodegradable materials so that they will gradually break down with time when exposed to natural environments. Touted as a more environmentally friendly BB, they are sometimes required by certain Airsoft sites to play. 

This weight of BB are designed to work in any Airsoft gun, but perform at their best in beginner and low power Airsoft replicas under 350fps. Whether you're new to Airsoft, playing indoors, or looking for BBs for your Spring Powered Airsoft replica then these are the BBs for you. 

  • 0.20g BBs
  • 5,100rnds
  • Biodegradable

A large bottle that contains 5,100rnds of biodegradable 6mm Airsoft ammunition, from Lancer Tactical.

  • Biodegradable
  • 1kg Resealable Bag
  • 5.95mm +/- 0.01mm

High quality competition grade 0.20g 5.95mm Airsoft ammunition, that's environmentally friendly, completely biodegrading in around 50 days. 

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 1kg Resealable Bag
  • Camouflaged

The age old problem, we want to do everything we can to save the environment, but we also want to fling plastic at each other. If you want to do you bit for the planet then why not consider switching to Bio BB designed to be biodegradable? MIMETIX BB are 100% bio degradable BB designed to degrade in soil, and are camouflaged so they blend into the environment as well.

Airsoft 0.20g 6mm BBs

Stock up on ammo with our airsoft 0.20g BBs. These standard weight BBs are 6mm, making them suitable for most Airsoft replica guns, like our Airsoft shotguns, as well as BB filled Airsoft grenades. Whether you’re looking to bulk buy your BBs, or just a light restock, we have rounds in all sizes, including large packs with over 5000 rounds inside!

As well as offering standard BBs, you can find more specialised BBs such as biodegradable and tracer BBs available in this weight class. All the BBs sold on Patrol Base are of extremely high quality, with no seams or marks, and are the perfect thing to get the best performance from your Airsoft gun.

Looking for a different weight? We also have 0.25g BBs which are better suited to long range. Alternatively, you can shop our full BB collection or browse gas refills and other items like our Airsoft HPA bottles. 

Shop our 0.20g BBs online and enjoy fantastic benefits like next day delivery.