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  • Polymer Follower - 3 Pack
  • For PTS EPM/EPM1/EPM1-S Magazines
  • Freshen up your worn down mags!

These EPM/EPM1/EPM1-S Orange Followers can revive your old, worn down PTS EPM magazines, making them shoot like brand new. Made from a strong polymer, these followers are designed to improve BB feeding speed and consistency. This follower keeps the pressure of the spring concentrated in line with the BB stack and doesn't add any pressure sideways against the walls of the magazine BB channel. The design also prevents BBs from sliding past the follower and jamming the gun! The followers come in a pack of three meaning that you can repair three of your favourite EPM/EPM!/EPM1-S magazines.

Show your loyal mags a bit of love and have them shooting like brand new with a 3 pack of EPM/EPM1/EPM1-S Orange Followers!

  • Easily Lost / Broken
  • Super Easy To Install
  • Replacement / Spare Part

A replacement or spare magazine baseplate for Raven's 17/18 G-Series handguns.

  • Perfect Spare
  • Replacement Bulb Cap
  • For WE EU / P&M Magazine

A replacement bulb cap, which is used to secure CO2 Bulbs in the bottom of WE EU Magazines and P&M Series Pistol Magazine. The cap is constructed from alloy, and is finished black, and features a large Allen Key hole in the bottom. 

  • Replacement original part
  • Magazine follower
  • For Army Armament Hi-capa/JW3/JW4 GBB

Fix up your old mags with Army Armament Magazine Followers! This teeny, tiny part tends to take its fair share of wear and tear during long-term use and is a great replacement to have on hand if you have plenty of Army Armament Hi-capa mags at your disposal.

This is a replacement original part designed for Army Armament Hi-capa, JW3, JW4, R504/604 and R608 magazines to name but a few, but may also work with other brands' mags, though we can't confirm this. If you are having feeding issues, replacing the follower is far cheaper than getting a new mag!

  • Polymer follower
  • Steel feed spring
  • For Hi-capa GBB magazines

If you need faster feeding for your Hi-capa mags or are repairing a worn-out mag, the Guarder Magazine Follower With Spring is what you need! This spring and follower set is designed for the Hi-capa GBB platform and replaces the original follower and feed spring inside the magazine. The spring itself is constructed from spring steel and the follower is constructed from fibre-reinforced polymer to give it a longer lifespan which is especially important in high rate of fire speed soft setups. 

  • Replacement original part
  • Magazine follower
  • For Army 1911 series mags

If you have a broken magazine it's a real shame to have to bin it! Luckily Army Armament have released their 1911 magazine follower as a separate part, allowing you to repair your mag if you have had follower issues, or even replace a worn follower for more reliable feeding.

  • For Type 870
  • Ideal Spare Parts
  • Fix Leaking Tank Valve

This is a set of replacement Valves for the Golden Eagle Type 870 Gas Shotguns that feature a removable Gas Tank, such as the M8870 and M8872. These Valves are incredibly easy to replace, and are an absolutely vital spare part for any owner of one of these replicas.

  • Replacement Valve kit
  • Includes valve and O-rings
  • For KJ Works/ASG/Evolution MK1 NBB magazine

If you have issues with your MK1 NBB magazine, this could be the fix you need! The KJ Works Magazine Knocker Valve Repair Kit for MK1 NBB is compatible with the KJ Works, Evolution and ASG MK1 NBB pistols and is a replacement upper valve set, meaning it replaces the knocker valve, knocker valve spring and O-rings. If your mag leaks from the top valve, this should sort it!

  • For GBB R32 magazines
  • Increases BB Capacity
  • Tactical Aesthetic

Similar to their real world counterparts, the Army Armament R32 Mag Base provides a tough, large exterior baseplate for quicker mag dumps & better grip on reloads, plus they just plain look cool!

Providing a GBB Magazine capacity extension, a protective baseplate & a modern aesthetic the R32 Base Extension is a no brainer for the modern firearm fanatic.

Although this comes with an attachment screw and rubber O-ring, please be aware that this base plate does not come with a valve.

  • Replacement spring & follower
  • For PTS EPM1 magazines
  • Fix up your old mags!

If your PTS EPM1 mag is worn out, you must have done a lot of shooting! To fix it up, the PTS Syndicate EPM1 Spring Replacement Set is what you need! The set includes the feed spring, follower and associated parts, making it a fine replacement for magazine internals that have quite literally been through the wars and a great option for those who've lost their spring or follower to the carpet monster!

  • Gas Knocker Valve
  • For KWA KRISS Vector
  • Great Spares / Repairs

Designed as a spares or replacement for anyone with a leaky top gas KRISS Vector magazine. This is a standard part, it is not an upgrade. 

  • Improved Airseal
  • Upgrade Component
  • Potential Efficiency Increase

Generally deemed as an upgraded rubber seal, you can expect to see an improvement in your pistols FPS and gas efficiency depending on the rest of your setup.

  • For WE XDM
  • Ideal Spare Part
  • Repair Broken Mags

A replacement set of OEM feedlips for a WE branded XDM series handgun. Ideal for those who like to throw their magazines around!

  • Angled & Textured
  • Improve Reload Times
  • Protects Your Magazines

A thick and tough new ergonomic baseplate for EPM style Airsoft magazines, featuring high quality manufacturing and materials, brought to you by PTS Syndicate. 

  • Convert To Silent Fill
  • High Quality O-Rings
  • For TM 1911/MEU Style Magazine

A handy kit for replacing the O-rings on a variety of TM 1911 and MEU style pistol mags. The kit allows you to replace all your old and worn out O-rings, giving your magazine new lease of life! 

  • Prevent Freezing Up
  • Improve Gas Efficiency
  • Available For Many RIFs

For those who are looking to improve the gas efficiency of their beloved gas Airsoft pistol. 

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