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  • Velcro Mountable
  • Compact Magazine Storage
  • Single & Double Stack Pouch

Twice the size, twice the magazines held within your VX utility rig. Simple to fit with velcro facing on both front and rear faces. Expand and hold double stack Airsoft magazines.

  • Velcro Mountable
  • STANAG 5.56 Sizing
  • Compact Rifle Mag Storage

Build the ultimate VX rig with rapid access and customisation with no tools and no looping required! Simply drop in double-sided Velcro design to offer high levels of gear positioning.

  • Fits MOLLE Loops
  • Horizontal MOLLE
  • For Pouches/Holsters

A panel for MOLLE Systems, allowing you to install MOLLE compatible pouches horizontally for easier access to Magazine Pouches/Holsters etc. This is also a great way to maximise available space on a Chest Rig, by installing further Mag Pouches on already existing pouches, so as not to get in the way of your equipment.

  • MOLLE Compatible
  • For Pistol Magazines
  • Holds 1 Standard Mag

    A modular MOLLE pouch designed to securely store one standard sized Airsoft pistol magazine, and can be fitted to a variety of belts or rigs. 

    • Elastic Retention
    • 2 x 7.62 STANAG
    • For Viper VX System

    A Double Magazine Pouch for 7.62mm STANAG Magazines, such as the M14 or G&G MBR for example. The Pouches hold the Magazines place with Elastic Retention and are compatible with Viper VX systems, to be attached via the hook and loop panel on the rear.

    • Single/Double Stack
    • Holds 2 x Pistol Mags
    • Velcro Flap Retention

    A Double Magazine Pouch for Airsoft Replica Pistol Magazines, happily holding two Single or Double Stack Mags. Compatible with MOLLE, this Pouch will easily install to any MOLLE Chest Rig, Plate Carrier or Drop Leg Platform, and is the perfect way to carry enough Magazines on you to have a good run with your Pistol when you need it! Carry more Magazines and play for longer without having to crawl back to the Safe Zone for a reload.

    • Elastic Retention
    • Ultra Low Profile
    • MOLLE Fitting Rear

    Ultra compact and MOLLE compatible Airsoft pistol magazine storage. Hold up to 2x magazines either single or double stack incredibly close to your RIG to keep a slim profile.

    • Double Pouch
    • For Pistol Magazines
    • Elastic Retention Loops

    A 1000D Polyester constructed Double Magazine Pouch for Pistol Magazines, which is MOLLE compatible and retained by Elastic Loops. The front face of the Pouch has Velcro for adding patches and other flair to your loadout.

    • Pistol Mag pouch
    • Mount onto your Belt
    • Fits Most Pistol Magazines

    The pouch is constructed from 600D Nylon, and is held together by bungee cords which allow the pouch to be fully adjustable in depth and width.

    • Velcro Secure Flap
    • Holds 2 Magazines
    • For UMP / P90 Mags

    A MOLLE compatible magazine pouch designed to be affixed to MOLLE compatible tactical gear such as chest rigs, belts and backpacks, which holds up to two Airsoft P90 or SMG-45 submachine gun magazines. 

    • Can Be Opened Wide
    • Optional Retention Loop
    • For 5.56mm & 7.62mm Mags

    This is an open-top retention pouch designed for 5.56mm magazines, however, due to it being able to open up much wider, this pouch will work for 7.62mm magazines also.

    • Holds 6 x Shells
    • Velcro Mounted
    • Choice of Colours

    A Velcro-secured holder for 6 x Airsoft Shotgun Shells which can attach anywhere that has a free space of Velcro available, and has six elasticated loops for Shotgun Shells, Pyro and other similarly sized articles.

    • MOLLE Backing
    • Fits 2 x Pistol Mags
    • Compatible With Many Pistols

    Compatible with a wide variety of Airsoft replica pistol double-stack magazines, this MOLLE pouch is capable of securely carrying 2 spare pistols magazines in the field. 

    • MOLLE Pouch
    • Fully Adjustable
    • Fits any Magazine

    An adjustable pouch which has been designed to be a one size fits all magazine pouch, allowing the use of magazines ranging from standard M4 / STANAG Magazines up to AK and G36 types. 

    • Elastic Retention
    • Modular Magazine Pouch
    • Holds 2x STANAG 5.56mm

    A MOLLE compatible double magazine pouches are designed to hold an M4 or AK style magazine in each pouch.

    • Retention Loops
    • For AR36 Magazine
    • MOLLE Compatible

    A MOLLE compatible double AR36 magazine pouch, designed to be attached to tactical equipment like rigs and vests, and is suitable for both AEG and GBBR AR36 Airsoft magazines. 

    • Holds Up To 6 Shells
    • Heavy Duty Webbing
    • Elastic Loop Retention

    A cartridge holder designed to strap arround the stock of a shotgun, and carries up to six Airsoft shotgun cartridges in easy access elasticated loops. 

    • Adjustable Size
    • Tough Retention
    • For Pistol/SMG Mags

    A new style of MOLLE mounted retention-style magazine pouch design, which can expand to fit almost any pistol/SMG magazine (within reason), and locks them in place via friction.

    • Belt Mounted
    • 4 x Shotgun Shells
    • IPSC/Racegun Style

    A Belt-Mounted Ammo Carrier for 4 x Airsoft Shotgun Shells, allowing you to perform clean and precise reloads, and to stylishly carry more ammunition on your loadout. If used for a shell-ejecting Shotgun, the Shells are perfectly laid out for a double-stack reload.

    • MOLLE compatible
    • Available in a wide range of colours
    • Fits one 5.56mm Style Box Magazine

    A huge pouch for your huge mags. Available in all the camo patterns you know and love. Compatible with the ubiquitous MOLLE system which has even started to appear on civy backpacks its so common. I know you probably don't need to carry a second box mag unless you are more trigger happy than I thought possible but this is also useful to carry your BB bottles, Gas, Snacks and other large items. 

    • Adjustable Size
    • Can Be Stacked
    • Tough Retention

    A new and stunning MOLLE mounted retention-style magazine pouch design which can expand to fit almost any rifle magazine (within reason), and locks them in place via friction.

    • Retention Loops
    • For AK Magazine
    • MOLLE Compatible

    MOLLE compatible double AK platform magazine pouch, designed to be attached to tactical equipment like rigs and vests, and is suitable for Airsoft AK47, AK74, AKM and RPK type magazines, both AEG and gas blowback. 

    • Compact Design
    • Holds 4 x Magazines
    • Elastic Bungee Secure

      A MOLLE compatible double stacked, dual magazine pouch constructed from tough 600D Cordua, designed to hold up to four STANAG mags, or PMAGS. 

      • For VX Buckle Up Range
      • 3x Rifle Pouches
      • 3x Pistol Pouches

      Created by Viper Tactical as part of their VIPER VX Buckle up range of modular chest rigs this pouch panel is made with six fully adjustable front magazine pouches, with 3 for rifle magazines, and 3 for pistol magazines. The pouches can either be attached into a Buckle Up System, or be attached to a Velcro font panel Chest Rig or vest thanks to its completely Velcro back panel.

      • Velcro Mountable
      • Double SMG Pouch
      • Compact SMG Mag Storage

      Stack up 2x Airsoft SMG magazines side by side in the new VX utility system for the ultimate in security and low profile design. Stay slim, keep a lower profile and move faster.

      • 6 Shell Storage
      • Velcro Mountable
      • Super Lightweight & Compact

      Part of the new VX family of products from Viper Tactical, run slim and mountable to any Velcro faced system. Keep it simple, keep it clean and keep it fast moving.