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  • 375rnd Capacity
  • Easy Wind Up Base
  • No Empty Mag Detection

A replacement magazine for the Scorpion Evo series that holds far more rounds than the standard mag is perfect for the operator who love to suppress the enemy or run lightweight with minimal magazines. 

  • 30 Rounds
  • 4.6x30 Cal Marking
  • Real-Cap Magazine

A replacement or spare magazine designed for the Well R-4 MP7 Airsoft Electric Pistol, and is based on the real MP7's short compact magazine. 

  • 570rnd Capacity
  • Clockwork Wound
  • Dual Clamp Design

This high capacity magazine is designed for SMG-5 AEGs and holds a whopping 570rnds, much more than any other SMG-5 magazines. It is filled from the top of either magazine by pulling back the mock bullets or opening the fill window, and wound from the bottom clockwork wheel to feed BBs.

  • Real Capacity
  • Short Magazine
  • For SMG5/SMG5K

A stubby Real-Cap magazine for the Tokyo Marui SMG-5 series of Airsoft Electric Gun, named the 'Kurz' magazine after the German word for short. (Ja alter, ich kann ein bißchen Deutsche sprechen!) It is loaded with 30 BBs via a Speedloader from the top of the magazine, and simply needs inserting into the gun to work.

If you're looking to perfect your German Bad-Guy loadout, or you just want realistic capacity magazines for your SMG-5 that are compact enough to not catch on your kit like standard length mags, then these are just what you were looking for.

  • 50rnd Capacity
  • Low Profile Mag
  • For LCT Brand PP-19

A Polymer constructed lo-cap magazine for the LCT branded PP-19, which holds a total of 50rnds and is loaded from the top of the mag with a Speedloader. It feeds BBs into the gun until completely empty from a spring, which means that the magazine doesn't rattle, making it perfect for those who like to play stealthy. If you own an LCT PP-19 and need to carry more ammunition in the field, pick up some extra mags today.

  • Realistic Shell
  • Wheel Wound
  • Holds 200rnds

An official magazine designed by BOLT for their SMG-5 series of Airsoft replica. The magazine is wheel wound and holds up to 200 rounds allowing you to fire for longer without having to stop and refill. The magazine is constructed from high quality materials, with a realistic alloy outer shell and polymer internals. This magazine is perfect for those who already own a bolt SMG-5 and are looking for the exact magazine designed for their replica.

  • Full Metal
  • 200rnd Capacity
  • Clockwork Wheel

A spare robust metal High Capacity SMG-5 magazine holding up to 200 BB's. A fantastic purchase for any Skirmishers who love full auto and don't want to change magazines. 

  • 9x19 Marking
  • 200rnd Capacity
  • For LCT Brand PP-19

A high capacity magazine for the LCT branded PP-19, which holds a total of 200rnds and is a clockwork wheel wound design. It is filled from the top of the magazine by opening the fill window and pouring BBs in. The wheel on the bottom of the mag must be wound to feed BBs into the gun. This is the perfect purchase for anyone who owns an LCT brand PP-19 and wants to carry as much ammunition as possible on the skirmish field.

  • High Quality Polymers
  • Transparent Internals
  • KRISS Trademark

A spare or replacement 50rnd short magazine for the Krytac Kriss Vector, which is made to a high standard with excellent quality Polymers, and features the KRISS trademark as well as faux round count.

  • 68rnd Capacity
  • Dummy Bullets
  • Semi Transparent

A Polymer constructed 68rnd Mid Cap Magazine for P90 AEGs. They have a transparent design and are loaded with 50 rounds of 5.7x28mm dummy ammunition, loaded with BBs using a Speedloader from the bottom of the mag. This is the perfect purchase for any Airsofter who owns a P90 and wants more BBs on them to stay in the fight for longer.

  • 95rnd Capacity
  • Mid-Cap Magazine
  • For Krytac KRISS Vector

This is a spare or replacement Magazine for the Krytac KRISS Vector Airsoft Electric Gun, constructed from Polymer and holding a total of 95rnds. It is filled using a Speedloader to feed BBs in through the top of the Magazine, and will feed until empty with zero rattle. Being a Krytac official Magazine, it features all the trademarks it should, as well as a mock capacity-indents like you would see on the real thing.

  • For G&G UMG
  • 50rnd Capacity
  • Spring Fed Design

A 50rnd Low Capacity Magazine for the G&G UMG Airsoft Electric Gun. Being a Low-Cap design, this Magazine will feed quietly into the Gun until it is empty, unlike High-Cap designs that will rattle with each movement. The Magazine is filled using a Speedloader to force BBs in through the feed tube at the top. If you own a G&G UMG and want to carry more ammunition without giving your position away to the battle-maraca sound of High-Caps, then the G&G Armament 50rnd Low-Cap Magazine For UMG is ideal.

  • Wheel Wound Design
  • For G&G UMG SMG
  • 530rnd Capacity

A 530 round high capacity, wheel-wound magazine, designed for use with G&G's UMG SMG electric replica. Constructed from durable, high strength and lightweight polymers.

  • Ridged Design
  • 260rnd Capacity
  • High Cap Magazine

A High Capacity Magazine for the Tokyo Marui Scorpion Mod.M Submachine Gun, that holds a total of 260rnds and is wound from the bottom of the Magazine as per any standard High Cap. To fill the Magazine, simply open the Fill Window at the top/front of the mag and pour your BBs in. Wind the clockwork wheel on the base of the mag to start feeding BBs into your gun.

  • 190rnd Capacity
  • For TM SMG7 AEP
  • High Cap Magazine

This Polymer magazine is a spare for the Tokyo Marui branded SMG7 Airsoft Electric Pistol. It holds a total of 190rnds and is filled from the top Fill Window by opening the flap, pouring in BBs, and winding the magazine via the clockwork wheel on the base. This magazine is a replica of the 40rnd magazine for the real firearm, meaning it has an 'extended' look that protrudes beyond the Pistol Grip.

  • 1200rnd Capacity
  • Automatic Winding
  • Convert to Support Gun

This is a Drum Magazine for SMG-5 Airsoft Electric Guns, which holds an absolutely massive 1,200 BBs and will automatically wind for you, so all you have to focus on is aiming and pulling the trigger.

  • Gas Blowback
  • Large Gas Well
  • For SMG7/NP7/SMG8

A spare magazine for the Gas Blow back sub machine gun, the WE - SMG-8, and the WE - SMGA1 (Also known as the New Wave - NP7).   

*Please note that this magazine is not compatible with the Tokyo Marui SMG7

  • For TM SMG-5
  • Drum Magazine
  • 400rnd Capacity

A lightweight but effective High Capacity Drum Magazine for Tokyo Marui SMG-5 Airsoft Electric Guns. It holds a total of 400rnds and is filled from a Fill Window at the rear of the Magazine, and then wound using the Alloy Wingnut on the front. If you own an SMG-5 and want to rain plastic death on your enemies, then this is without a doubt the way to go.

  • Semi Transparent
  • Fits TM & Dboys
  • 300Rnd Hi-Cap

A replacement or spare high capacity clockwork magazine for Tokyo Marui's P90 series of Airsoft Electric Guns, but will also fit the DBoys series.

  • Black in Colour
  • Multi-Pack Of 3
  • 75 Round Magazine

A multipack of magazine for the ASG Scorpion Evo. Built from tough Polymer these magazines are mid-capacity, meaning BBs can be loaded from the top using a speed loader and then require no winding. 

  • 3 x Multi-Pack
  • Semi-Transparent
  • 75 Round Magazine

A multipack of magazine for the ASG Scorpion Evo. These new magazines from ASG allow you to insert your own decals to make your magazines look more realistic. 

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  • For ASG / KWA MP9
  • Alloy Construction
  • 48 round Capacity

A  spare or replacement Gas Blowback Magazine which is designed and built to fit the ASG / KWA MP9 Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Submachine Gun. 

  • 6 x Magazines
  • Alloy Construction
  • 9mmx19 Markings

A box set of 6 x 230rnd High Capacity Magazines for the ICS SMG-5 series, which are constructed to a high standard from Alloy and feature 9mmx19 markings on the bottom of the mags.

  • 70rnd Capacity
  • Steel Outer Shell
  • For SMG-5 Series

This is a Mid-Cap Magazine for SMG-5 Platform Airsoft Electric Guns, that features a 70rnd Capacity for the perfect blend between realism and gameplay. The Magazine has a Steel Outer Shell which gives it a realistic feel and appearance, and also makes it strong so that you can perform tactical reloads with confidence.

  • Extended Style
  • For Well R-4 MP7
  • High Capacity Mag

A 145rnd clockwork wound high capacity magazine for the Well R-4 series of MP7 styled Airsoft AEP.

  • 60rnd Capacity
  • TM Compatible
  • No 'Battle Rattle'

A Medium Capacity Magazine for the CYMA CM.033 Thompson / M1A1, that holds a total of 60rnds and will feed BBs into your replica until empty, without the annoying rattle of High Cap Magazines. It is filled from the top using a Speedloader to force BBs into place, and is constructed to a tough standard using Polymer. As a final party trick, these Magazines are compatible with Tokyo Marui replicas as well.

  • Wide Compatibility
  • Alloy Construction
  • 130rnd Capacity

An Alloy construction Mid-Cap Magazine for SMG-5 Airsoft Electric Guns which is filled from the top using an Airsoft  Speedloader, and feeds BBs into your replica until empty, with no rattle. It is compatible with a wide range of brands and holds a total of 130rnds. 

  • Mock Bullets
  • 68rnd Capacity
  • Semi Transparent

A 68rnd Low Capacity Magazine for Airsoft P90 replicas which is filled from the underside of the mag using a Speedloader, and feeds all the BBs until completely empty.

  • No Rattle
  • Stubby Design
  • 65 Round Mid Cap

A stubby low capacity magazine meaning you can move at speed with no rattle.

  • Alloy Outer Shell
  • For CYMA SMG-5
  • 260 Round Capacity

A spare magazine designed for CYMA SMG-5s, and compatable SMG-5 AEG Airsoft Electric Guns.