Amomax Beretta M9/92F and B9/92 Airsoft Holster Series

Code: AM-T92G2
  • Belt mount
  • Polymer holster
  • Adjustable angle

A Polymer constructed Retention Holster for Beretta M9/92F and B9/92 GBB pistols, which attaches to a belt via the paddle. The holster features an adjustable draw angle and compatibility with Amomax accessories such as their MOLLE mount and shoulder harness.

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This holster is constructed from polymer and features a push-button retention design that will keep your Beretta M9/92F or B9/92 safe and secure, even if you like to run, jump and dive during skirmishes! This is great for those who like to move fast in the field, as it reduces the chance of losing your Pistol to nearly zero. The draw angle of the holster can be adjusted by loosening the Allen screw on the back of the paddle, turning the holster to your preferred angle and tightening it up again.

The paddle style belt mount can also be removed and exchanged for an Amomax MOLLE mount, drop leg platform or shoulder harness, granting you the flexibility to adapt this holster to your play style and requirements. If you own a P99 Airsoft pistol and you want to holster it safely on your person until it is time to draw, then the Amomax Beretta M9/92F and B9/92 Airsoft holster is perfect for the task.


  • Push button retention
  • Adjustable draw angle
  • Paddle-style belt mount
  • Secure and fast - Easy to draw, even easier to re-holster!
  • Compatible with Amomax holster accessories

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  • Amomax Beretta M9/92F and B9/92 Airsoft Holster Series



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Over 18

Weight and Dimension

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Approx. 0.138kg


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Polymer with steel mount screws
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  • Polymer
  • Steel