Amomax Double Magazine Carrier For P226/M9 GBB Pistols

Code: AM-MP-P2
  • Polymer construction
  • Fits 2x P226/M9 GBB pistol magazines
  • Dual mag carrier with rotary paddle mount for belts

If you need easy access magazine pouches for your pistol belt, these will do the trick! The Amomax Double Magazine Carrier For P226/M9 GBB Pistols takes 2 P226 or M9 magazines and has adjustable retention via the screw on the front, and is mounted to its paddle belt mount via a rotary interface, meaning it can be adjusted and set at the perfect draw angle for you.

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Amomax has provided Airsofters with some very effective kit for reasonable prices for quite some time now, and this Double Magazine Carrier is no different! The carrier can accept 2x P226 or M9 mags and offers adjustable retention via the Allen bolt on the front, and can also be adjusted to your draw angle of choice via the rotary interface between the mag carrier itself and the "paddle" belt mount.

This magazine carrier is open-topped, meaning less fiddling to do during a hot-blooded reload mid-game, and it also makes no compromises when it comes to security thanks to its adjustable retention allowing for less retention for a faster and easier reload or more retention for more secure carry.

On the rear of the carrier, we have a "paddle" belt mount which can be attached to any belt of less than 2.5 inches in width and can be removed in a flash if you want to change your kit up. As a bonus, the rotary interface used to mount the carrier to the paddle mount allows you to mount it to drop leg platforms, shoulder platforms and alternative belt mounts provided they allow for a toothed rotary interface with a diameter of 30mm.

If you are putting together a CQB belt and you run a P226 or M9 GBB pistol this carrier is ideal, offering fast access to your mags when working under pressure and compatibility with practically any belt. There was once a time that if you wanted a mag carrier like this you had to go for a real steel one; thank goodness Amomax filled the void and helped all of our wallets out in the process!


  • Polymer construction
  • Rotary mount - Adjust the draw angle to suit your needs
  • Adjustable retention - Loosen and tighten the Allen bolt on the front for a faster draw or more secure carry
  • Paddle belt mount pre-installed - Fits practically any belt (max width 2.5")
  • Accepts 2x P226/M9 GBB pistol magazines
  • Compatible with alternative rotary mount platforms - Drop LegShoulder Platform

Package Includes

  • Amomax Double Magazine Carrier For P226/M9 GBB Pistols

Special Instructions

This magazine carrier does NOT fit ASG CZ P-09 Green Gas magazines, when inserted the retention is far too tight for an easy draw. The carrier does fit ASG CZ P-09 CO2 magazines but the retention is on the tight side, even when fully loosened.



Tactical Equipment Type
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Item Colour
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Polymer, Steel,
Product Height
Approx. 10.5cm
Product Length
Approx. 5cm
Product Width
Approx. 11.5cm
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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.107kg

Pouch Specific

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Magazine Style
Pistol Magazine, B9 / B93, CZ P-09, F226, G&G GPM92 GP2, R226, Vorsk VM9/Raven R9,
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