ASG MK23 Socom Airsoft Pistol with Silencer

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  • Very Lightweight
  • Detachable Silencer
  • Incredible Range & Accuracy

The best of the best. Supreme range, silent and deadly. With a silencer with an inner barrel (extends your pistol inner barrel) the silencer increases your FPS but also reduces the sound of your pistol phenomenally.

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As a non-blowback pistol, all the gas delivered to your shot from the magazine is used to propel the BB as there is no need to use surplus gas to blow the slide back. For this reason the weapon is incredibly efficient, meaning you will get at least two and a half magazines off a single charge of gas. The other benefit of this is that the weapon is stupendously quiet, especially with the included suppressor installed. So much so, that its not unheard of for MK23 players to get stepped on in the field before they're spotted. The suppressor acts as an inner barrel extension which serves to increase the output FPS of the pistol when installed, but also to improve accuracy and consistency. Due to the FPS increase from the suppressor, you must chrono your weapon with the suppressor installed if you plan to use it during play, and be aware that as the day gets hotter, your weapon may creep up in power so make sure to recheck yourself with a marshal if there's any doubt.


  • None Blowback (NBB) Airsoft Pistol
  • Extremely Gas Efficient
  • Two Stage trigger
  • Trigger can be precocked for a faster First Shot
  • Trigger Lock Safety
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release
  • 16mm CCW Front Thread
  • Front Rail for LAM Module or 20mm Rail Adaptor
  • Suppressor extends barrel length and boosts FPS

Package Includes:

  • MK23 Socom Airsoft Pistol
  • MK23 Socom Silencer
  • Magazine
  • User Manual

Special Instructions:

This weapon is a non-blowback, meaning the slide does not cycle when the weapon is fired, making it much more efficient. Please do not manually work the slide as it is not designed to do this and may cause damage.

This product does not function with ASG Blaster 0.2g BBs and will require another brand of BB such as Nuprol RZRs.



Weapon Construction External
Weapon Type
Over 18 Only Icon
Over 18
Icon UKARA - United Kingdom Airsoft Retailer Association
Defence / UKARA Required
Yes, No,
FPS Icon
FPS (Feet Per Second), using 0.20g BB
Approx. 320fps ± 10%, using 0.20g BB
Site Legal Icon
Site Legal, using 0.20g BB
Included Items
  • Magazine
  • Instruction Manual
  • Suppressor
Skill Level Icon
User Skill Level
Regular Player
Patrol Base - Warning Icon
Li-Po - Never Leave Charging Unattended
MK23 BB Warning


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Primary Colour
Two Tone Icon
Pre Two-Toned
Construction Icon
Full Polymer Body, with Alloy Parts
Weapon Construction External
External Construction
Gearbox Icon
Internal Construction

Weapon Specific

Power Source Icon
Powered By
Green Gas
Blowback Icon
Weapon Platform
USP / MK23
Magazine Style Icon
Magazine Style
Fire Select Icon
Fire Selector
Patrol Base | Fire Select - Semi Automatic
Semi Automatic
Shooter Configuration Icon
Shooter Configuration
Right Handed
Weapon Configuration Icon
Weapon Configuration
Weapon Scale Icon
Weapon Scale
Suggested BB Weight


Hop-Up Unit Icon
Hop-Up Unit
Hop-Up Unit Adjuster Icon
Hop-Up Adjuster
Hop-Up Unit Location Icon
Hop-Up Location
Accessible when Slide and Frame Split


Rail System Icon
Rail System
Sight Type Icon
Sight Type
Iron Sights

Magazine Specific

Magazine Type
Magazine BB Capacity
Approx. 25 Rounds
Magazine BB Fill Method
Speed Loader
Magazine BB Fill Location
Top, Front,
Magazine Gas Fill Location
Magazine Gas Type
Green Gas

Gas Gun Specific

Gas Can Icon
Gas Compatability
HFC123A / Duster Gas, Summer Gas, Green Gas,
Gas Can Icon
Gas Recommendation
Green Gas

Pistol Specific

Construction Icon
Slide Material
Icon Pistol Slide
Pistol Slide Type

Product Testing Data

Notepad Icon
Test Description
350 with suppressor, 300 without (Using 0.20g BB)
Notepad Icon
Tested Using
ASG 0.20g BB, WE High Performance Green Gas 300g
Notepad Icon
Test Date

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