PTS Syndicate EPM 1 Magazines: How to bed your spring in before use

PTS Syndicate EPM 1 Magazines: How to bed your spring in before use

The PTS Syndicate EPM 1 magazine literally changed the game, offering 250rnd capacity in a rattle-free mid-cap which has the speed to keep up with even the best performing AEG platforms out there. 

Although it is common knowledge amongst the elite ranks of EPM 1 users, if you are new to using EPM 1 magazines you will need to carry out the process described below to prepare your magazines before their first use. Join us to learn how to bed in your EPM 1 magazine springs for flawless performance and easy filling! 


Step 1 - Fill your magazine using a standard speed loader

imageThe first step to having your EPM 1 magazines ready for action is to load them up to as close to full capacity as you can. This will likely be very difficult, but when loading the magazine becomes too difficult you can stop there and move on to the next step.

It is very important that you do not carry out the initial bedding fills using a crank wound speed loader such as the PTS ODIN as the internal spring in the EPM 1 has the potential to damage your loader. This process should only be done using a standard speed loader or loading rod.

Step 2 - Empty the magazine back into your BB bottle

With the magazine as full as you can get it, the next step is to empty the magazine back into your BB bottle.

To do this, pull the BB retainer on the top of the fill/feed port backwards with the port pointed in a safe direction (we point ours back into our BB bottle). With the magazine emptied again, you can move on to the next step...

Step 3 - Repeat the first 2 steps 2-3 times 

It gets easier from here on! The third step is simply to repeat the first two steps 2-3 times to get the EPM1 battle ready.

With this done, the spring inside your EPM 1 magazine should be bedded in and ready to provide the immense capacity and high speed capability PTS EPM 1 magazines are known for. Lock and load, EPM1 user, you are ready to get busy!

This guide also applies to the EPM 1 S and can also be a useful thing to do with any Mid-cap magazine which is misfeeding, jamming or is extremely hard to load. Naturally, we recommend you do not leave any mid-cap magazines loaded for long durations, and generally, the best practice is to empty all of your mags at the end of a skirmish day to keep the springs in top-notch order and reduce the chances of misfeeds occurring and the spring becoming worn out. 

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