Big Dragon M4 A.X.E. Stock

Big Dragon
Product code: BD3668A
  • Easy To Install
  • Fits Many AEGs
  • Adjustable Sliding

A very clever little replacement adjustable stock designed to enhance the ergonomics of M4 and M16 type Airsoft Electric Guns and make your Airsoft gun more controllable. 

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Externally this stock possesses some truly unique and dramatic aesthetics, a very slender profile with numerous cut outs creating a dynamic operator's platform with an almost skeletal appearance for the rear end. The stock is incredibly lightweight, thanks to it's polymer construction, and is incredibly durable. Big Dragon have manufactured these stocks to fine tolerances, resulting in a firm and strong fit on your Airsoft gun's buffer tube; regardless of whether you have an ARES, CAA, G&G or KWA AEG, there's minimal wobble and movement on this stock. By pulling a catch on the underside of the stock it can be extended or retracted, adjusting the position of the stock allowing users to ensure they can hold their Airsoft gun in a comfortable and stable manner, or reducing the length of your Airsoft gun for transportation and storage. The stock also features both a sloping cheek weld for enhanced user comfort, and a rubberised polymer buttpad which has been designed to ensure that users can shoulder their Airsoft gun comfortably, in addition to providing a stable and secure firing platform. Slings can also be mounted to the stock on the ambidextrous mounting points, in addition to a lanyard loop for Airsofters who prefer to use bungee slings. Fitting the stock is an incredibly easy task that can be done in under 10 minutes, and it doesn't even need tools! If you're looking to customise your Airsoft M4/M16 AEG and turn it into a dynamic and tactical operator's platform, then this slow profile ergonomic stock is a brilliant, eye-catching choice.


  • Will fit most M4/15/16 stock tubes
  • Angled, none-slip rubber butt pad
  • QD sling mounts on both sides
  • Low profile stock adjustment lever
  • Removable rubber butt
  • Easy to fit and remove without tools

Package Includes:

  • M4 A.X.E. Stock - Tan

Special Instructions

Please note that this stock does not leave much space for batteries. If your gun is rear wired you must use a battery that is small enough to fit down your stock tube (generally a 7.4v 1300mAh LiPo fits stock tubes)



External Part Type
Patrol Base - Warning Icon
Limited Battery Space


Colour Wheel Greyscale
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Weight and Dimension

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Approx. 0.17kg