Big Dragon SF G2 Style T6 Tail Switch Unit

Big Dragon
Code: BD8834
  • Replaces Button
  • Tail Switch Addon
  • For Big Dragon T6 Torch

A Tail Switch unit designed to replace the existing Push button on the back of Big Dragon SF G2 Style T6 Torches. The tail switch is constructed from polymer with a Soft Rubber coated tail switch. 

Full description


The unit is designed to allow the activation of the torch without having to remove the users hands from their weapon's firing position. This is perfect for CQB player where speed is everything and only need the torch active for short amounts of time.


  • Compatible with Big Dragon SF G2 style torches
  • Polymer construction
  • Allows you to convert your torch from a push button to a tail switch
  • Allows the positioning of the tail switch so the torch can be activated without removing your hands from your weapon

Package Includes:

  • SF G2 Style T6 Tail Switch Unit



Parts & Accessories Type
Flashlight, Torches, and Lasers, Flashlight / Torch, Illumination Accessories,
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Over 18


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
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rubber switch, and polymer
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Rubber, Polymer,