Bolster Armouries: How to Book a Service

Bolster Armouries: How to Book a Service

What Does the Bolster Armouries Service Programme Involve?

The Bolster Armouries service programme involves carrying out a standard airsoft gun repair service along with a thorough testing regime to ensure every Bolster RIF continues to run flawlessly. This service is set apart from your warranty as you can arrange your airsoft AEG maintenance anytime you see fit. The program not only covers the basic function of the RIF but guarantees flawless performance.

Each Bolster Armouries RIF comes with 24 months of warranty cover, commencing from the date of receipt of the RIF. This warranty covers any internal wear which affects your Bolster RIF's performance and any manufacturing defects. The warranty can be transferred if the RIF changes hands, but the new owner must be in possession of the Bolster Armouries Service Book and the transfer must be done via the Bolster Armouries team. In the unlikely event of a disastrous mechanical failure, the Bolster Armouries team have your back, and will ensure you can make use of your RIF again as soon as possible, at the performance level you expect!

Consumable Parts

The Bolster Armouries tech team have put together a list of what is considered a consumable part within the Bolster Armouries builds. Any wear on these parts can negatively affect performance, and if any damage is detected during the diagnostic stage of the service the part will be replaced free of charge before your RIF is returned to you.

It is important that if you notice a drop in performance, you do not attempt to fix the issue yourself as in most cases, this would be considered "user error" and will void your warranty. The list of Consumable parts, and what constitutes "user error" is as follows:

Consumable parts covered

  • HOP-up rubber
  • Motor
  • Gears
  • Piston
  • Piston head
  • Cylinder head

"User Error" which voids the warranty

  • Weapon Modification
  • Fully stripping a RIF
  • Altering the pre-set GATE TITAN settings
  • Use of poor quality BBs
  • Accidental Damage
  • Use of incorrect lubrication

For more information on how best to maintain your Bolster Armouries RIF click here for Bolster Armouries AEG maintenance and click here for Bolster Armouries Gas Pistol Maintenance.

How to book your Bolster Armouries RIF in for its Repair Service

With a machine operating at such a high level of performance, it becomes even more essential that the internals of your Bolster Armouries RIF are properly looked after, and that any signs of future issues are resolved as soon as possible. 

We suggest booking your Bolster Armouries RIF in for a service every 6-12 months for reapplication of lubricant, and for a full diagnostic procedure to be carried out to pinpoint any possible future issues and replace any worn parts. 

Step 1

Send an email through to the Bolster Armouries tech team ( quoting your Serial Number (found at the front of your Service book) to arrange a callback from the team. 

Step 2

We will give you a call and attempt to troubleshoot any minor issues, or arrange for your Bolster Armouries RIF to be collected and returned for a full service. 

Step 3

A full service will be carried out, including checking all parts for wear and damage and replacing them where needed. Following an extensive test, your RIF will then be returned to you at no additional cost. 

How Much Does the Bolster Armouries Repair Service cost?

Your first service (if booked within the first 6 months of ownership) is included with the purchase of any Bolster Armouries RIF, but any subsequent services will be charged at a flat fee of £50 including return postage, and any parts which need replacing. 

Postage costs incurred from shipping the RIF to the Bolster Armouries team for a service will also be refunded. 

Whether you have had a parts failure, or it has been a while and it is due to be serviced, send the team an email at and they will take care of the rest. Or, if you aren't quite at the stage in your Airsoft career for a Bolster Armouries RIF, check out our range of Airsoft AEG assault rifles and GBB pistols!