Element Rubber Butt Pad for AK47/AK74 Rifle

Code: OT0401-BK
  • Rubber construction
  • For AK side folder/fixed stock
  • Improves AK handling/ergonomics

If your AK buttstock is too slippery and is hard to shoulder when wearing a tactical vest this is what you need! The Element Rubber Butt Pad for AK47/74 is designed to slip over either AK fixed stocks or the AK74 side folding skeleton stock and provide enhanced grip for poor weather conditions and make the rifle easier to shoulder effectively with modern tactical gear. This butt pad is a copy of the real Izhmash AK butt pad which was issued to the Soviet and Russian Militaries, so would be a great choice for a Milsim build.

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For easier AK handling, this is your best bet if you want to keep the original stock! The Element Rubber Butt Pad is designed to fit side folding AKS74 style stocks and fixed AK stocks, but won't fit the under folding AK47S or AKMS stock. This butt pad should make the slim and slippy AK skeleton stock a bit easier to shoulder effectively with body armour or other bulky tactical gear and makes it much more comfortable thanks to its larger surface area.

The butt pad simply push fits on, but if you encounter fitting issues we recommend submerging the butt pad in boiling water for a minute or so, then carefully install the now much more flexible butt pad. Once it cools down it will be locked on tightly.

This butt pad should fit the vast majority of AK full stocks and side folding skeleton stocks, but will not fit the under folder stocks found on AK47S and AKMS rifles. This butt plate will prevent side folding stocks from locking into the folded position due to its increased width, though the stock can still be folded for storage it will not lock.

This butt pad is the perfect pairing for an AKS-74U with a PBS-4 suppressor, if you haven't seen this combination yet get into your favourite search engine and thank us later!


  • Rubber construction
  • Dot textured rear for additional grip
  • Fits AKS-74 skeleton side folder stock
  • Fits AK47/AK74 full stock
  • Does not fit under folding stocks
  • Works well with a plate carrier/tactical vest
  • Authentic Izhmash style butt pad
  • Makes the AK a pleasure to shoulder!

Package Includes

  • Element Rubber Butt Pad for AK47/AK74 Rifle



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Butt Pad
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Butt pad for AK Stock
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Approx. 4cm
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Approx. 14cm
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Approx. 5cm
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Approx. 0.184kg

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AK, Assault Rifle, Side folder and fixed stock AK rifles,