ExFog XT Antifog System

  • Cold Air Unit & accessories
  • ExFog XT - Second generation
  • Fits Any Goggle/Helmet

If you are sick and tired of your goggles fogging at a critical moment, here is the solution! The ExFog XT Antifog System is a revolutionary anti-fog device designed to attach to helmets in its basic form but can also be worn as a headband setup with the "Standard" set. The Exfog Cold Air Unit will provide constant cold air to your lenses to stop fogging of your goggles or helmet via food-grade PVC tubes and has adjustable fan speed so you can adjust the anti-fog effect to suit the situation. 

This is the newest generation of ExFog Cold Air Unit, known as the "XT". The new unit is more powerful than before with the same low noise performance, and now charges via USB-Type C. The XT version also includes the ExFog Universal Magnetic Goggle Adapters so you can easily remove your goggles from the unit in seconds, with no need for tools. 

Power is provided by an internal rechargeable battery and the device mounts via velcro in the "Essentials" package or via a choice of velcro or the Tband or Headband kit if you choose the "Standard" set. If you want goggle fogging to be a thing of the past, the Exfog is one of the few devices which guarantee this!

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The Exfog XT anti-fog unit is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for helmet mounting or wearing mounted to a goggle strap without overburdening the user or getting in the way. This is the second generation of ExFog Cold Air Unit, adding USB-Type C charging, a longer-lasting battery and a more powerful fan than the original for the ultimate in fog-free performance. The XT version is also packaged with a set of Universal Magnetic Goggle Adapters which provide quick detach functionality for the cold air unit and hose, allowing you to quickly remove the ExFog XT unit from your goggles and swap headgear setups. 

One of the best new XT-specific features is its "quick clear" mode, allowing you to run the fans at 120% power for 30 seconds to clear a sudden fog influx. This is achieved by holding the power button down for 3 seconds, after which the fans will run at 120% power for 30 seconds before dropping into "high power" (100%) mode. This is absolutely fantastic for recovery after high-energy movement, allowing you to get back into action quickly with a clear view of your targets!

Requiring a little assembly out of the box, all you need to do to get this unit up and running is to cut the hoses to length, install them in place so that they can feed the cold air to your lenses and hey presto, you can now skirmish harder and faster than before as you aren't constantly fighting diminishing vision from sweat and fog. 

Having an Exfog XT integrated into your helmet setup will also keep your morale much higher on a hot sunny skirmish day as it will keep your face at a lower temperature throughout and help you avoid leaving the game area to clean your eye protection. The unit also offers variable fan speed, with three-speed modes to choose from and is barely audible on the lowest setting, meaning that you won't be hearing an annoying buzzing all day - just reaping the benefits of clear uninterrupted vision.

The Exfog XT is powered by an internal rechargeable battery which is charged using the included USB-Type C charger cable. After being around for some time now, it is clear that the Exfog is a game changer, especially for those who can't make it out of the safe zone without fogging up their mask!

The Exfog is offered in two sets; The "Standard" set and the "Essentials" Set. Details of what is included can be found below:

Essentials set

This is the Exfog you need if you are mounting the unit to a helmet via Velcro. The set includes the cold air unit itself, a food-grade PVC air hose which needs to be cut to the appropriate length for your setup, a section of self-adhesive velcro and a pair of manifolds; one in "SD" (straight down) configuration and one in "STS" (side-to-side) configuration. 

The cold air unit itself also has a male velcro backing, meaning you can slap it anywhere on your lid that has female velcro real estate or disguise the unit in a counterweight pouch or similar for a more milsim-appropriate look. 

XT Standard set

If you want plenty of options on how you use your Exfog or you never know what eye protection you will be wearing at any given time, the Standard set will equip you to use the Exfog in helmet-mounted configuration, mounted to a goggle strap or mounted to its own included headband. 

The Standard set includes the cold air unit, a food-grade PVC air hose, a set of manifolds (one SD and one STS), a section of self-adhesive velcro for helmet mounting and a set of Universal Magnetic Goggle Adapters. Also included are the "T-Band", a headband designed to work with goggles or masks with a wide headband built in, and the "H-band", a headband allowing the Exfog to be worn with other eye protection such as glasses, a visor or anything else that doesn't have attachment methods to directly mount the Exfog. 


  • ExFog XT - The newest generation of ExFog
  • Manufacturer Warranty - Covers damage from BB impacts on insured Airsoft Skirmish Sites
  • Reduce/remove fogging - Great for summer or winter
  • Works for any mask - Mounts externally to velcro
  • Very lightweight - Doesn't unbalance your helmet
  • Internal rechargeable battery - Economical to run
  • Charged via the Included USB-Type C cable
  • Custom install kit - Some assembly required
  • Very quiet unit - No distracting loud buzzing noise
  • Three speeds - Adjust the fan speed to suit the conditions
  • Long tubing to cut to length - Route the tubing how you want
  • Battery status indicator - On the left side, next to the power button
  • Easy press button for control - On the left side of the unit, very easy to reach
  • Helmet Pouch available here
  • Additional Universal Magnetic Goggle Adapters are available here
  • Essentials set includes: Exfog Cold Air Unit, PVC air hose, manifolds, self-adhesive Velcro
  • Standard set includes: Exfog Cold Air Unit, PVC air hose, manifolds, self-adhesive Velcro, T-band, H-band & 1 set of Universal Magnetic Goggle Adapters

Package Includes

  • ExFog XT Antifog System
    • Cold Air Unit
    • PVC Air Hose
    • Manifolds
    • Self-adhesive Velcro
    • T-Band
    • H-Band
    • Universal Magnetic Goggle Adapters



Tactical Equipment Type
Goggle & Glasses Cleaning
Name Variant
Essential, Standard XT,

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.05kg


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Glasses and Goggles Specific

Package Includes
  • Cold Air Unit
  • Hoses
  • Charging Cable
  • Exfog T Band
  • Exfog Headband
  • Universal Magnetic Goggle Adapters
  • Manifolds

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