Curious about what's happening in Airsoft? Heard your favourite brand is releasing a new AEG and want to know when it will be hitting the shelves, or want to know everything about Gas Blowback pistols? Then this is the place for you!

  • VORSK Spring Giveaway
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    VORSK Spring Giveaway

    It's been a while since we did an Airsoft giveaway, so let's correct that shall we? Announcing the April 2022 VORSK giveaway, offering you the opportunity to win some awesome free NUPROL Airsoft kit just in time for the summer skirmishing season. Place an order with us between 01/04/2022 at 6PM (18:00) and 09/04/2022 at 6PM (18:00) and be in with the chance of winning big! All you have to do is enter the code in this article at the checkout!

  • Airsoft Categories: Assault Rifles: M4 Livestream Recap
    Features & Reviews

    Airsoft Categories: Assault Rifles: M4 Livestream Recap

    The M4 platform; The bread and butter of the Airsoft Skirmisher. Following on from our Live Stream on the 16th of September, this article will take you all through the M4 platform in the real world, Airsoft, and the selected M4 AEGs Stu showed off on the stream. Join us as we give you the low down on the most adaptable and modular platform available in the Airsoft world!

  • Don't Forget To Restock Those BBs!
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    Don't Forget To Restock Those BBs!

    We're going to be out of lock down soon, so you know what that means, AIRSOFT IS BACK (probably, hopefully, please don't change). Either way, you're going to want to be getting ready for those glorious days of skirmishing!

  • Buying Guide: What is an AEG?
    Airsoft Guides

    Buying Guide: What is an AEG?

    Gearbox, Motor, Piston, Cylinder!?  We get it, there's a whole bunch of jargon surrounding Electric Airsoft Guns, but we're here to help you understand what an AEG is and how to choose one that best suits you and your playstyle.

  • NUPROL Livestream Highlights
    Features & Reviews

    NUPROL Livestream Highlights

    NUPROL Tom paid a visit to our livestream lounge and gave us an insight into one of the biggest brand names in the modern Airsoft industry. 

  • Specna Arms Brand Showcase
    Features & Reviews

    Specna Arms Brand Showcase

    Today we look at one of our favourite brands; Specna Arms! Whether you're new to the sport or a highly-experienced veteran, Specna Arms are a brand you can trust!

  • PTS Brand Showcase Blog Header
    Features & Reviews

    Presenting PTS Syndicate

    In todays blog we're going to be talking about one of the most reputable brands in both the Airsoft & Real Steel world of firearms training, PTS Syndicate.

  • Airsoft Beginners Guide To: Gas
    Airsoft Guides

    Airsoft Beginners' Guide To: Gas

    This latest new player video features Patrol Base Pete and Patrol Base Mike, who are here to discuss one of the most important topics to anyone who owns a Gas powered Airsoft replica: The differences between all the main Airsoft Gas Types.

  • Getting your kit ready for post lockdown-skirmish?
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    Getting your kit ready for post lockdown-skirmish?

    Don't forget your key bits of kit! Make sure you stock up before sites re-open (hopefully) so your ready to grab your kit and start playing!

  • ASG with Will Greenwood, We Grilled & He Spilled!
    Features & Reviews

    Will Greenwood: We Grilled & He Spilled!

    So as Airsoft begins to take reign over our Sunday pastimes once again after a long year of reminiscing about the welt inducing BB impacts and long walks back to the safe zone, we decided what better timing for you the community to get an insight into one of the biggest name brands in all things Airsoft, Action Sport Games otherwise known as ASG, represented by no other than the ASG man himself, Will Greenwood.

  • WE Pistols Livestream RECAP
    Features & Reviews

    WE Pistols Livestream RECAP

    Today we're going to rewind a little & take a gander over our Livestream where we discuss the awesome Gas Blowback pistol range from WE, offering excellent build quality in a multitude of platforms from classic EU17's to Fancy Hi Capa's WE have pitched up camp & they're here to stay.

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    Whether you are looking for the latest and greatest airsoft gun, or one to suit a specific budget, Gunfire and Patrol Base offer a selection of the cheapest and best Airsoft replicas on the market.

  • Evolution Airsoft - Brand Showcase
    Features & Reviews

    Evolution Airsoft - Brand Showcase

    Today we're going to recap over our Evolution Airsoft Livestream where we discussed some of the latest & greatest in airsoft tech, from beginner rifles to top tech airsoft platforms, Evolution is taking the airsoft market by storm and there's a good reason why!

  • What's up with the Colt MK18 MOD 1 PTW?
    Features & Reviews

    What's up with the Colt MK18 MOD 1 PTW?

    What exactly do you get for your money with the Colt MK18 MOD 1 PTW? We explore all the bells and whistles of what could be the most realistic Airsoft Gun of 2021!

  • Bolle Ultim8 Safety Goggles: The Ultimate Resistance
    Features & Reviews

    Bolle Ultim8 Safety Goggles: The Ultimate Resistance

    You only get one pair of eyes, so it only makes sense to get Airsoft Glasses and Goggles for your eye protection that just works.

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    Parra Hard Cases Breakdown

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