Hades Airsoft MP5/SMG-5 AEG Magazine Adapter For UTR45 AEG

Code: PR1653
  • 3D Printed polymer construction
  • Fits SMG-5 Low, mid and high-cap magazines
  • Allows UTR45 AEGs to feed from SMG-5 AEG mags

If you want the 9mm look for your UTR45, Hades Airsoft have what you need! The MP5/SMG-5 AEG Magazine Adapter for UTR45 fits the top of SMG-5 magazines and allows them to be loaded into the Double Eagle UTR45 AEG, giving you more magazine options than ever before. 

The adapter is constructed from 3D-printed polymer and is an adapter for the magazine and not for the gun, meaning you will need one adapter per SMG-5 magazine you plan to use. The perk of this system is that you can use your normal UTR45 magazines and complement them with SMG-5 magazines with adapters without having to change anything, including low, mid, high-caps and even drum magazines! 

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The UTR45 has taken the Airsoft world by storm, but one thing it lacks is magazine options! If you are the type with a heavy trigger finger who demands access to high-caps and drum magazines, or if you fancy the 9mm look for your UTR this adapter from Hades Airsoft will get you there. 

The adapter is constructed from 3D-printed polymer and attaches to the top of an MP5/SMG-5 AEG magazine, allowing it to be loaded into the much wider UTR45 magazine well. To install the adapter, simply lock it onto the top of your SMG-5 magazine. To remove it again you will need to carefully pull the red tab on the adapter (indicated with a recessed arrow) away from the magazine body and pull the adapter off when the tab clears the magazine catch recess on the SMG-5 mag. 

If you want to run a drum mag in your UTR45 you no longer have to play the waiting game. With this adapter, simply install it onto an SMG-5 AEG drum magazine (or any other SMG-5 mag type) and it will fit and feed in your UTR45 and look awesome at the same time! 


  • 3D Printed polymer construction
  • Fits the top of SMG-5 AEG magazines - Low, mid and high-cap (drum magazines too!)
  • Allows SMG-5 mags to fit and feed in UTR45 AEGs
  • Adapter for the magazine, not the gun - One adapter per magazine needed

Package Includes

  • Hades Airsoft MP5/SMG-5 AEG Magazine Adapter For UTR45 AEG



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SMG-5 AEG Magazine adapter for UTR45
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3D Printed Polymer

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