King Arms M1A1 Wood Furniture Conversion Kit

King Arms
Code: KA-SK-27
  • Real wood
  • Satin finish
  • Authentic furniture for M1A1 Thompson

If you own an M1A1 Thompson AEG replica, this will most certainly be of interest to you! Introducing the King Arms M1A1 Wood Furniture kit, a set containing a real wood stock, handguard and pistol grip all authentically profiled to match the real M1A1 SMG. The parts in this kit are all perfectly finished with satin varnish to provide a subtle sheen with wood grain showing through which even the best faux wood cannot match.

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The King Arms M1A1 Wood Conversion Kit is comprised of 4 parts; the handguard, the pistol grip, the stock and the butt plate. The handguard, stock and pistol grip are all constructed from real wood and match perfectly with each other, providing an authentic look to your Thompson along with the strong and high quality feel of real wood furniture. This kit is only for the M1A1 Thompson and won't fit the M1928 "Chicago Typewriter" Thompson. If you need wood for your M1928 Thompson, click here to check it out! 

Each wooden part of the kit is finished with a satin varnish to protect the wood and provide a slight sheen which matches the look of the real M1A1 perfectly. The stock features a large battery compartment which is easily big enough in all dimensions to house the vast majority of Airsoft batteries, with a volume of available space being approximate 20cm x 5cm x 2.5cm. To install a larger battery the alloy butt plate will need to be unscrewed, but if you use small and skinny LiPo batteries they can be installed through the cleaning kit door/port in the butt plate without having to take the butt plate completely off.

The handguard features the highly recognisable finger groove, present in all Thompson M1A1 furniture and feels rock-solid in the hand, providing a smooth surface for handling without gloves with the deep finger groove to help control and steer the gun. The pistol grip is of the classic M1A1 style, complete with finger grooves for a comfortable grip and comfort, despite the fact that this grip was conceived at a time when ergonomics were a secondary concern, to say the least!

If you own an M1A1 Thompson you may feel left out when your M4 using friends are constantly upgrading and you have few options which would do your classic SMG the justice it deserves. Now you can join them, but instead of adding rails upon rails you can add some authenticity to your AEG and have it that bit closer to handling just like the real thing!


  • Real wood furniture
  • Authentic M1A1 shape
  • Finger grooved pistol grip
  • Includes stock, pistol grip and handguard
  • Large battery compartment inside the stock
  • Alloy butt plate with cleaning kit door
  • Compatible with TM M1A1 and Clones
  • If you need wood for an M1928 "Chicago Typewriter" Thompson, click here

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  • King Arms M1A1 Wood Conversion Kit



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Conversion Kit
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Pistol grip
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Patrol Base - Warning Icon
Parts Fitting


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Real wood with alloy butt plate

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Approx. 0.643kg

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Weapon Platform
Submachine Gun, Thompson M1A1,