Laylax Nine Ball VSR-10 Hop Rubber

Code: 12155
  • Stabilise Shots
  • Improves Air Seal
  • Reduce Power Loss

An upgrade hop bucking for Tokyo Marui and other compatible products. Designed for the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 bolt action and blow back pistols in mind including the Hi-Capa 4.3, Hi-Capa 5.1, M1911A1, SIG P226, SOCOM MK23 and G26. 

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Nine Ball Bucking are considered one of the best manufacturers of internal parts when looking at upgrading pistols or bolt action weapons. The way the internal wall of the hop has been moulded will guarantee super high air seal therefore reducing power loss and stabilise each consecutive shot. So if you're a pistol speed shooter or skirmisher wanting the best out of their side arm or you goal is the build the best sniper possible this bucking is definitely a step in the right direction.


  • Made in Japan
  • Built for VSR Series Airsoft Sniper Rifle
  • Designed for Heavyweight BBs
  • Made by NINE Ball
  • High Performance Bucking
  • Engineered to boost Range and Accuracy
  • Maximises contact with BB across the Patch
  • Specially designed to Improve Air Seal
  • Aligns BBs during Firing
  • Evenly Grips around the BB for a better Air Seal
  • Operates in temperatures from -50°c to 230°c
  • Designed to withstand Thousands of Rounds
  • Also compatible with Tokyo Marui Pistols Hi-Cappa 4.3/5.1, M1911A1,Sig P226, Socom Mk23,G26

Package Includes

  • Nine Ball VSR-10 Hop Rubber

Special Instructions

We recommend that this Hop-Up rubber should be used with 0.30g BBs and above. If you have any questions about compatibility or are having difficulty fitting the rubber please feel free to give us a call on: 01484 644709 and have a chat with the Workshop Department.



Parts & Accessories Type
Internal Parts
Internal Part Type
Hop-Up Rubber


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Internal Part Construction

Part Specific

Part for Power Source Type
Weapon Platform
  • EU-Series
  • Universal Pistol / .23 Series
  • 1911
  • Hi-Capa
  • SIG P-Series
  • VSR / Bar10
Package Includes
Hop Rubber

Size guide

Parts Fitting

Upgrades and Downgrades should only be undertaken by experienced players, or Airsoft Technicians. Please note, changing any internal parts of a weapon voids its warranty unless done in-house by our staff. 

Please ensure that when fitting parts the part purchased is the correct part, as once a part has been fitted we cannot accept return.

We do know that players love to tinker, so we're here to give you help should you require it, and if needed you can get in touch with our workshop for more help!

Unique Parts

Please note that some parts may be unique to a specific brand of weapon. For example: Parts for an ASG M4A1 may not fit an ICS M4A1.

Parts from the same brand typically have a high chance of fitting, though be warned, some replicas use unique parts, so please ensure the part will fit before you attempt to fit it.

If you require help with fitting any parts feel free to get in touch with us via our Contact Us Page.