Laylax PSS10 VSR10 Spring

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  • Upgrade spring
  • Designed for VSR-10
  • High Quality Materials

LAYLAX - PSS10 VSR10 Spring - is a spring designed by LAYLAX for VSR bolt action sniper rifles and other compatible platforms.

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LAYLAX are considered one of the best manufacturers for aftermarket internal parts so for people looking for the best look no further the PSS10 range come in all powers and are easy to install. If you are increasing the power of your spring we recommend also replacing the tigger sear, spring guide, piston sear and piston with LAYLAX branded parts to get the best results.


  • Consistent power with minimum loss between each shot
  • Excellent coil strength
  • Closed and flattened top and end for improved stability
  • Designed VSR compatible weapons
  • Progressive coils result in a smooth initial piston release limiting stress on internal components
  • Side bending is reduced due to materials and finish

Package Includes:

  • PSS10 VSR10 Spring

Special Instructions:

Please note that during testing we have seen that after these springs are bedded in (approx 1 game day of average use) the weapon will lose roughly 10 to 30 fps. Please take this in to consideration when choosing what power spring you need. Should you need any help with this or any other tech related parts please feel free to call our workshop on: 01484 644709.



Internal Part Type
Patrol Base - Warning Icon
Upgrade Parts
Name Variant
SP90 , SP100 , SP110 , SP120 , SP130 , SP150 , SP170 , SP190 ,

Weight and Dimension

Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.05kg
Product Length
Approx. 19.6cm, Approx. 20.2cm, Approx. 20.3cm, Approx. 22.3cm, Approx. 24.1cm,


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Construction Icon
Internal Part Construction

Part Specific

Part for Power Source Type
Weapon Platform
VSR / Bar10
Package Includes
Main Spring

Spring Specific

Spring Manafacturer Power Rating
Approx. M-90, Approx. M-100, Approx. M-110, Approx. M-120, Approx. M-130, Approx. M-150, Approx. M-170, Approx. M-190,
Spring Approximate M/S
Approx. 90m/s, using 0.20g BB, Approx. 100m/s, using 0.20g BB, Approx. 110m/s, using 0.20g BB, Approx. 120m/s, using 0.20g BB, Approx. 130m/s, using 0.20g BB, Approx. 150m/s, using 0.20g BB, Approx. 170m/s, using 0.20g BB, Approx. 190m/s, using 0.20g BB,
Spring Approximate FPS
Approx. 295fps, using 0.20g BB, Approx. 329fps, using 0.20g BB, Approx. 360fps, using 0.20g BB, Approx. 394fps, using 0.20g BB, Approx. 426fps, using 0.20g BB, Approx. 492fps, using 0.20g BB, Approx. 557fps, using 0.20g BB,

Size guide

Parts Fitting

Upgrades and Downgrades should only be undertaken by experienced players, or Airsoft Technicians. Please note, changing any internal parts of a weapon voids its warranty unless done in-house by our staff. 

Please ensure that when fitting parts the part purchased is the correct part, as once a part has been fitted we cannot accept return.

We do know that players love to tinker, so we're here to give you help should you require it, and if needed you can get in touch with our workshop for more help!

Unique Parts

Please note that some parts may be unique to a specific brand of weapon. For example: Parts for an ASG M4A1 may not fit an ICS M4A1.

Parts from the same brand typically have a high chance of fitting, though be warned, some replicas use unique parts, so please ensure the part will fit before you attempt to fit it.

If you require help with fitting any parts feel free to get in touch with us via our Contact Us Page.