Master Mods Master R-HOP Inner Barrel Set

Master Mods
  • R-Hop Inner Barrel Set
  • Improves BB Accuracy
  • Works with AEG & GBB!

The Master Mod R-Hop Inner Barrel Set is a revolutionary design allowing you to install the set with ease in either your AEG or your GBBR! Yes that's right, it works in both. It's time to upgrade your airsoft gun with the high quality internals it deserves.

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R-hop has been around for a long time, however the fitments and installations were only done by highly experienced technicians, which comes with a high price. We all understand the benefits from an R-hop, which greatly increases the gun's accuracy and range to provide you with a reliable and dependable consistency.

This revolutionary design has adopted all the bells and whistles from an R-HOP while reducing the installation time and price all while increasing the lifespan of the bucking which is predicted to last 5 times longer than your average rubber! Everyone loves a rubber that's not gonna break on 'em!

Master Mods also thought about the adaption between GBBR and AEG, so why not make one do both? Yep! the Master Mods Barrel system can be used for both GBBR and AEG systems, the bridge provides a much more stable bucking contact, and the better contact would result in a much better air seal. The barrel diameter is 6.04mm which gives the best grouping result and maintaining the proper FPS, this conclusion was made after countless hours of testing all different barrel diameters from 6.01-6.20mm. Last but not the least, the barrel surface was coded with Electroless Nickel Plating which gives a much smoother surface, this not only would increase barrel surface lifespan and FPS output but also decreases the number of bounces inside the barrel.

The revolutionary hop-up rubber design was made to give the best contact surface and air seal, this would allow the users to use heavier weight BBs with a more stable backspin, while not losing out on FPS. The contact rubber was designed to hold the BBs in the middle, without getting affected by the hop-up chamber. The traditional type of hop-up rubber would get affected while installation, too loose would drop the fps and too tight would hinder the contact rubber. The Master Mods Contact rubber has divided the contact with the outer rubber, this way the users no longer need to worry about the contact getting affected by the deformation caused by the hop-up chamber. Smart thinking right?

Inside the barrel set, there are 2 outer rubbers for the AEG and the other one for the GBB, to make sure the Master Mods components set can reach the different system's users required, allowing them to change things up as and when they needed to regardless of platform.

Compatibility: All AEG Hop-up systems, ICS AEG/GBB, TM EU series, 1911 and WE etc.


  • For both AEG & GBB
  • Includes AEG & GBB Rubber
  • Comes in multiple lengths
  • 5x More Durable
  • Cleverly Machined
  • Revolutionary Design
  • Greatly Increases Range
  • Greatly Increases Accuracy
  • Full Inner Barrel Set

Package Includes

  • Master Mod Inner Barrel R-HOP SET
  • AEG & GBB Bucking



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Inner Barrel
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Barrel Compatibility
Standard AEG
Inner Barrel Diameter
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