Introducing the Patrol Base Airsoft Showroom!

Introducing the Patrol Base Showroom...

Finally, Patrol Base is back in action! We are proud to announce that our new Airsoft Showroom is now open and ready to serve the Airsoft community! 


Our Showroom isn't just a normal Airsoft shop; we have practically reinvented how brick and mortar Airsoft shops work, introducing a more interactive shopping experience, providing a range of guns and optics to test on our new G&G M.E.T system firing range, and plenty more to check out and drool over, even compared to our old shop! 

The heart of our Showroom is our new NFC (Near Field Communication) tag system which allows you to scan any item in store using your phone and read more about it via our product descriptions. You will find NFC tags on all of the Airsoft guns, tactical vests, hard cases and other items in store, with more tags placed alongside smaller items such as BBs, accessories and gas. 


The NFC tag system means if you are more of an independent shopper you can browse at your leisure, and if you have any further questions our Showroom Staff will be happy to assist. Those who prefer a good old chinwag to cutting-edge technology need not feel left out as our staff are more than happy to talk Airsoft, offer help and advice and clue you in on what you need to know. From the basics to personal recommendations, technical questions and compatibility queries, we have you covered!

Those who remember our old shop will be pleased to learn that our new Showroom is just down the road from the old location but is far more spacious, loaded with even more awesome Airsoft guns and with almost immediate access to any product we stock in our UK Warehouse. With a whopping 2,500 square feet at our disposal, there is plenty to see at the Showroom and we have resisted the urge to cram it full, instead opting for a more open plan and modern experience. 

If you pop by and see something you like you can get your hands on it in a matter of minutes, save money on shipping and enjoy the Patrol Base Airsoft Showroom experience at the same time!

Our Opening Times can be found below, alongside the address of the Showroom. If you want to know more about what you can expect when you visit the Showroom, keep reading and we will give you the grand tour! 

Opening Times

Monday: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Thursday: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Friday: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Sunday: Closed

Our Address

    Patrol Base Limited
    Colne Side Business Park,
    George Street,
    West Yorkshire
    HD3 4JD

[The Showroom is Closed on Bank Holidays]

The Lobby

The Lobby is where your journey begins! This is the area directly inside the entrance and is furnished with a selection of customised Airsoft guns displayed on the wall to get your taste buds going, as well as a Coca-Cola vending machine so you can quench your thirst after a potentially long journey!


This is where our new Click and Collect service operates so if you are just popping in to grab a few skirmish essentials we will save you the trip up the stairs to the Showroom so you can save the calories for skirmishing! 

The Gun Wall/Main Counter

As exciting as the Custom Gun display in the Lobby is, the really impressive stuff is upstairs in the Showroom! After a short climb, you will be greeted with a fantastic view; one that has been a long time coming!


Along the right and back walls is our main counter, where you will find a massive selection of Airsoft guns displayed on the wall, all connected to our shiny new NFC Tag System. NFC Tags are present across the Showroom on all of our products, and these allow you to scan the tag using your phone and learn more about the product via the description on our website. Welcome to the 21st Century, PB Customers! 

You can also browse using several screens around the Showroom to compare performance figures, different colour options and check out some stuff we don't have on display but can be made available in minutes. Perfect for those who prefer to browse independently rather than have a Store Assistant breathing down their neck!

That said, we have several trained Store Assistants on hand to help out and lend their Airsofting experience so you can make a more informed choice. Our Showroom Staff have been selected based on their product knowledge and Airsoft expertise and are very clued up on all things Airsoft. Whether your questions are product-related or just general Airsoft questions, our staff will be more than happy to help out!

The Pistol Counter

The Pistol counter is over on the left side of the Showroom as you reach the top of the stairs, and you will find a vast selection of Airsoft GBB pistols, NBB pistols and revolvers on display and available for purchase. 


Knowing a gun looks great in pictures is one thing, but knowing how it feels and fits your hand is another thing entirely. The Pistol Counter is set up to allow you to browse the specifications of the guns via a touch screen at the front of the counter to get the facts and figures.  When you find something you like you can call a member of staff over and see how the pistol feels in your hands, assess its weight and balance and make the final call!

The Range 

The Range is one of the highlights of the Showroom, equipped with the G&G M.E.T Version 3 target system so you can really put your skills to the test! The Range also has variable custom lighting and is a fully sealed room, meaning there is nothing to distract you from dropping those targets. 

The G&G M.E.T Version 3 allows you to complete a timed course of fire and record your score so you can try to beat it the next time you visit. Feel free to bring your own guns to test out on the range but do make sure they are appropriately concealed in a gun bag or case for transportation! 


We also have a selection of test guns on hand for range shooting for those who don't yet have their own Airsoft gun or those who want to try something different. These will be changed every now and then to keep things fresh and varied, with special events being held for testing certain more interesting platforms!

Outside the range, we have a selection of gun bags and hard cases on display so you can easily measure up and choose the right case for your kit. We know cases are a bit less exciting than guns, but we also know how hard it is to figure out what case you need without being able to see it with the MK.1 eyeball! 

The Tactical Gear Landing

If you cast your eyes across the Showroom from the Range you will see what we call the Tactical Gear Landing. This is where you will find some of our favourite rigs from Viper Tactical, 8-Fields and Emersongear, which you can try on and compare with others to find the right rig for your playstyle. 


From MOLLE plate carriers to lightweight assault vests and compact micro-rigs, we have put on a full smorgasbord of tactical vests so you can do a bit better than squinting at pictures and using your imagination when it comes to kitting yourself out for skirmishing. 


Up top on the Tactical Gear Landing, you will also find a selection of tactical clothing, including combat uniforms, softshell jackets and tactical boots, ready for Airsoft skirmishing, outdoor activities or any other challenge you task them with! As is the benefit of a brick and mortar shop as opposed to a meta-physical shop which exists only on the internet, you can try all of these on before you take the plunge so you get the perfect fit! 

Changing Rooms

Talk about the perfect segway! If you want to try on some tactical gear, clothing or footwear we have changing facilities on opposite the Tactical Gear Landing, behind the main counter and gun wall. For access to the changing rooms, all you need to do is ask a member of staff and you have the go-ahead! 

Chill Out Areas

We've all been shopping with certain mates who like to take their sweet time, but fortunately, we have prepared for this! The Showroom is equipped to alleviate your tired feet with strategically deployed sofas and TV screens playing action-packed Airsoft videos stacked up and ready to entertain you! 

All of our PBTV Airsoft content is available on the screens, including Skirmish Footage, Beginner Guides, Podcasts and Interviews, and we also have several videos from our top brands showcasing their latest kit and giving you something to drool over! 


Adorning the walls you will find a detailed map of Halo Mill: Proving Grounds, our outdoor skirmish site, along with skirmish photographs and other Airsoft resources which you can browse at your leisure. 


If you prefer a more visceral experience, we also have several rare Airsoft guns on display, including a shell-ejecting Socom Gear Cheytac Intervention, a chrome-finished LCT AKM and the first Magpul Masada AEG ever produced! Half a shop and half a museum, whether you are shopping or not, the Patrol Base Airsoft Showroom should definitely keep you entertained!

In-Store Services - What you can do at the Showroom

Over the Counter Service

If you are in for a browse and you see something you like we won't make you go home and order it online! As one would expect from any other Airsoft shop, the Patrol Base Showroom allows you to purchase whatever you need over the counter. 


If what you need isn't stocked in the Showroom it can be brought over from our warehouse in a matter of minutes, but we have a wide range of accessories, combat gear, guns and consumables available for immediate purchase. No longer does a last minute BB and gas top-up order cost you the price of next day shipping! 

Help & Advice

If you have questions about a certain product, or you are just curious about Airsoft and would like some more info about the sport in general, our staff are happy to give you the intel you seek.


Members of our Showroom Team are selected for their product knowledge and experience with Airsoft and are both happy to help and well qualified to advise on everything from your choice of rig and gun to what sites to visit for the best Airsoft experience. 

Shoot our selection of Test Guns

If you have never shot an Airsoft gun before or you are curious about how various different types of Airsoft guns shoot we have laid out a selection of test guns so you can experience each type of Airsoft gun before you buy. The test guns can be shot against the clock on our range if you fancy a challenge, or you can shoot at your own pace and get to grips with each platform and how it works. 


These guns will be changed every now and then to keep things fresh, and we will be putting on special events for the more special platforms we have available to test! 

Check out the view through our Test Optics

As with Airsoft guns, if you are curious about how your target will look when viewed through a red dot sight, holographic, LPVO or rifle scope you can test them all out here at the Patrol Base Showroom! 


We have set up several inert demo guns with a wide selection of optical sights and accessories so you can get to grips with how each different type works, gauge their optimal effective range and compare each type to find the right one for you. The sights we have chosen are representative of several different sights we have available and should help you avoid the gamble of blind ordering an expensive optic and hoping it suits your style!

Try on your new Loadout before you buy

If you have seen a rig you like but don't know how it fits, feels and looks when you are wearing it you now have the opportunity to check it out in person before you commit. Many of us have seen a slick looking rig in photos and imagined ourselves wearing it but when we finally put it on we realised what looks good doesn't necessarily feel good or work well!

On the Tactical Gear Landing, you can try on a selection of rigs we have set up as examples so you can get a feel for the type of rig that suits your playstyle. We have fully loaded plate carriers for those who prefer a more protective rig with more coverage, micro chest rigs for those who emphasise speed of movement and mobility along with lightweight assault vests for those who want to carry plenty but not at the cost of sacrificing agility and comfort. 


If you aren't sure where you fit in in the world of Airsoft just yet, trying on different rigs to get a feel for them can be a great way to make the decision, exactly as it is with Airsoft guns! 

Chill out, watch Airsoft videos and Chat with us! 

Even if you are only popping in for a nosey and to chat with us about Airsoft, you are more than welcome! The Showroom is set up as a social space as well as a shop and we encourage anyone who is curious about Airsoft or is already an Airsofter to swing by for a chat, check out our latest Airsoft videos and of course, take a gander at our latest Airsoft releases!

Hopefully, you are happy to see us back in the realm of physical Airsoft retail! We are excited to be back and look forward to seeing you all in person once again for some Airsoft banter, special events and other promotions coming down the line. If you would like to know more about us before you visit you can hit the button below!

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