NUPROL M4/AR15 STANAG Multi-functional Magazine Grip X2

  • Magazine pull/Grip assist
  • Slips over STANAG style magazine
  • Great for Mag-podding technique

The M4/AR15 STANAG Multi-functional Magazine Grip attaches to the bottom of your STANAG style magazine and provides an additional gripping surface, making removing your magazine from tight pouches a breeze!

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The Magazine grip is constructed from dense rubber and attaches to the magazine using friction provided by moulded groves inside the grip. The concept of a magazine assist came about to address issues with tight magazine pouches, and loss of dexterity under stress. This magazine grip assist makes the standard aluminium/steel M4/AR15 STANAG magazine design much easier to manipulate; providing an easily grabbed chunk of rubber extending the magazine length slightly and making mags easy to handle in the bitter cold and wet conditions.

The design of this magazine grip/assist is such that it is ideal for "mag-podding", a technique entering the forefront of civilian tactical shooting in the US. This involves using the magazine of the rifle as an improvised stabilization device for long-range shots, in lieu of a cumbersome and heavy bipod. The grip features a cut-out in the bottom, providing access to the baseplate for the winding wheel of a Hi-cap magazine, and a GBBR magazine's fill valve.


  • Dense rubber construction
  • Compatible with Metal STANAG style magazines
  • Suitable for Hi-cap, Mid-cap, Low-cap and GBBR Magazines
  • Friction fitted - Easy installation; Once fitted, they don't budge!
  • Handy pack of 2!

Package Includes

  • NUPROL M4/AR15 STANAG Multi-functional Magazine Grip X2



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Magazine Accessory
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Over 18
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This magazine grip/assist is only compatible with M4/AR15 Stanag style magazines (metal) and will not work with polymer magazines

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Approx. 0.027kg


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Black, Tan , Olive Green ,
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