NUPROL Multi Function Bipod

Code: NAC-05-03
  • Spring Loaded Legs
  • Rubber Stability Feet
  • 20mm RIS or Bipod Lug

A universal Bipod made to a high standard from Alloy, which attaches to standard Bipod Lugs, but also comes supplied with an Adapter to install the unit to a 20mm RIS Rail.

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If you're unsure what Bipod you should be buying for your Rifle, this is a very safe bet as it is compatible with the two main ways of attaching an Airsoft Bipod. It will either attach to a standard Bipod Lug by twisting the thumbscrew on the base so that a pair of 'pincers' will grab onto the Lug. Alternatively, the Bipod is supplied with an Adapter Plate that can be install to attach the Bipod to standard 20mm RIS/RAS Rail Systems.

The Bipod has Spring Loaded Legs which can be ejected to full length by pressing the button for each leg. The legs can also be folded away when not in use, and just need to be pulled out into place to deploy. The Rubber Feet on the bottom of each Leg makes any Rifle stable when used on flat ground, and will provide grip and stability. If you're looking for a simple no-nonsense Bipod setup for your Airsoft Gun or Air Rifle, then this is a sure choice.


  • NUPROL Multi Function Bipod
  • Spring Loaded Legs
  • Rubber Stability Feet
  • Fits 20mm RIS & Bipod Lug
  • 20mm RIS Adapter Included
  • Tough Alloy Construction
  • Multiple Position Legs
  • Adjustable Tightness
  • Rubber Pads for Reduced Scratches
  • Legs Fold Away When Not In Use
  • Ideal for Long Rifles / Snipers

Package Includes

  • NUPROL Multi Function Bipod



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Approx. 0.335kg

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20mm RIS / RAS