NUPROL RZR 0.20g Precision Green Tracer BIO BB


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  • Green Tracer BBs
  • Biodegradable BBs
  • 0.20g Tracer BIO BBs

Produced by NUPROL, these Airsoft Tracer BIO BBs are precision engineered 6mm BBs which are designed to be used in a wide range of Airsoft guns and replicas. These BBs are part of the new RZR range of Airsoft BBs ranging from lightweight BBs for beginner Airsoft players, all the way up to super heavyweight BBs for professional players and snipers.

These particular BBs are not only BIO BBs, but are also Tracer BBs. These BBs are created with two purposes in mind. Firstly they are created from biodegradable materials so that they will gradually break down over time when exposed to natural environments as well as being infused with special materials to allow them to glow in the dark. Touted as a more environmentally friendly BB, they are sometimes required by certain Airsoft sites to play.

This weight of BB are designed to work in any Airsoft gun, but perform at their best in beginner and low power Airsoft replicas under 350fps. Whether you're new to Airsoft, playing indoors, or looking for BBs for your Spring Powered Airsoft replica then these are the BBs for you.

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RZR are known for their quality BBs and these precision grade tracer bios are no exception. Although these BBs are designed to be biodegradable tracer BBs no quality or performance is hindered when compared to standard BBs. The BBs are designed and sorted to the highest of tolerances to ensure they travel as stably as possible through the air. Each RZR BB is made to 5.95mm with a production variance of only ±0.01mm, which are some of the highest tolerances available on the market and the general gold standard. Once made each BB is triple polished for enhanced flight, meaning there are no small imperfections which would cause drag and deviation in the flight path of the BB.

These BBs come in multiple different sizes of bottles and bags, allowing you to pick the perfect amount for your play style. Want a great sized bottle for putting in a backpack, or bag side pocket for quick access? Then the 2200rnd bottle what you're after. Found the perfect Bio BB for you, and want to purchase larger volumes of BBs? The 6000rnd bags are the best bang for your buck!

To make sure the BBs are just as fresh as when they were first produced each bottle comes sealed to keep your BBs from escaping when you put them in your kit bags and backpacks. To make it easy to open the bottles come with a screw top lid to make them easy to open even whilst wearing gloves.

These 0.2g BBs are perfect for those Airsoft Skirmishers who have got their hands on an Airsoft Tracer Unit and are looking for high quality and top of the line BBs for their Airsoft Guns firing under 350fps. These BBs perform best in CQB and  in-door games, or in low wind conditions, with this weight typically being used by Airsoft sites as a base line weight for chrono'ing and testing guns. If you're looking for a high quality BB which does not compromise on performance due to its materials then RZR Bio Tracer BBs are the perfect choice.


  • Biodegradable Airsoft Tracer BBs
  • 0.20g Airsoft 6mm BBs
  • BBs glow in the dark when passed through an Airsoft Tracer Unit
  • Degrade over time when exposed to natural elements
  • Great for Airsoft sites with BIO BB requirements
  • Basic BB weight usable in most beginner Airsoft Guns
  • Tested to the highest standard
  • Perfect for use with any Airsoft Gun sub 350fps
  • 5.95mm ± 0.01mm tolerance for consistent performance
  • Triple polished for enhanced flight
  • Factory sorted, with only the best BBs selected
  • Bottles are foil sealed to ensure they come factory fresh every time
  • Bottles feature larger easy to grip screw top
  • Bags are re-sealable to allow you to keep the BBs fresher for longer
  • Available in 2200 / 6000 quantities
  • Small bottle available for taking in-game, which fits in smaller pouches
  • Larger bottle available for storing between games

Package Contains

  • RZR Precision Green Tracer BIO BB 0.20g



Name Variant
x2200, x6000,
Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Florescent Green

BB Specific

Approx. 2200, Approx. 6000,
BB Type
Tracer , Bio ,
BB Weight (g)
BB Size (mm)
Approx. 5.95mm
BB Tolerance (mm)
+/- 0.001mm
BB Material
Bottle, Bag,