PARRA Ammo Box .270 - 50rnd

Code: PRA-AMMO-108
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Fits Lots of Calibres
  • Perfect Range Companion

The PARRA Ammo Box series are the perfect way to transport and store ammunition, whether you're on the shooting range or out hunting game. With an IP65 Waterproof Rating, it will protect 50rnds of ammo from Dust and Rain, whilst making it far easier to manage your cases on the range or in the field.

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This Ammo Case is made from an indestructible Polypropylene Engineering material, which makes it incredibly durable and resistant to cracks, chips, peeling, warping and shrinking. The externals have a textured finish that makes them easier to handle and harder to mark or scratch. The Upper Lid is secured by a Snap-Lock Latch to ensure that it stays closed when being moved around.

Inside the box is a grid designed for holding 50rnds of ammunition, from a wide variety of calibres and rounds. It holds them apart in the ideal spacing to be safe, easy to organise and compact. This is ideal for bench-shooting at the range, as it can sit by your side and feed your firearm and/or store your spent rounds. The case has an IP65 Waterproof Rating that protects it totally from Dust Ingress, but also from 'Low Pressure Water Jets from any angle'.

Whether you need a compact storage solution for your ammunition, need a way of organising your rounds at the range or way to neatly collect your spent brass for reloading or selling on, then the PARRA Ammo Box .270 is perfect for the task.


  • Holds 50rnds of Ammunition
  • Fits Wide Range of Rounds/Calibres
  • IP-65 Waterproof Rating
  • Polypropylene Engineering Plastic
  • Crack/Chip/Peeling Resistant
  • Resistant to Warping/Shrinking
  • Textured External Surface
  • Easy to Handle / Good Grip
  • Snap-Lock Latch Secured
  • Hard to Mark/Scratch
  • Transparent Material
  • Neatly Organises Ammunition
  • Perfect for the Target Range
  • Ideal for Hunter/Game Shooters
  • Keep Spent Rounds for Reloading/Selling

Package Includes

  • PARRA - Ammo Box .270 - 50rnd

Special Instructions

The PARRA .270 Ammo Box will hold the following rounds:

  • .224 Clark
  • .240 Wby. Mag
  • .257 Roberts
  • .270 Win
  • .25-06
  • .280 Rem.
  • .30 Gibbs
  • .30-06 Spr.
  • .318 Westley Richards
  • .338-06 A-Square
  • .35 Whelen
  • .357 Rimless 2 1/4"
  • 6.5 Carcano
  • 6.5x257 Roberts
  • 6.5-06 A-Square
  • 6.5x54mm Mann-Schone
  • 6.5x55 Swedish
  • 7x64 Brenneke
  • 7x72 Rimmed
  • 7x57
  • 9.3x57 Mauser
  • 8x57J
  • 7.7 Jap
  • 7.7x58 Jap
  • 8mm-06
  • 9.3x62
  • 9.3x62
  • 9.3x74
  • .410 up to 3"
  • Maximum OAL (Overall Length) = 3.61"



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Approx. 15.5cm
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Approx. 8cm
Product Height
Approx. 9.5cm

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Approx. 0.2kg
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