Swiss Arms Airsoft Chronograph

Swiss Arms
Code: 697005
  • Chronograph - for measuring FPS and ROF
  • Includes mini-tripod mount
  • Simple to use - Ultra-clear OLED display

An essential part of any Airsoft enthusiast's inventory, a chronograph is a helpful tool to allow you to measure the velocity and rate of fire of your Airsoft gun to make sure it performs as it should. The Swiss Arms Airsoft Chronograph is a simple to use unit powered by common and cheap 4x AAA batteries, with pre-programmed BB weight settings to calculate muzzle energy, and an internal memory to store your results on the unit itself.

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The Swiss Arms Airsoft Chronograph is a super simple, easy to use unit with a crisp, bright OLED display so you can read your results clearly and easily. This chronograph can measure muzzle velocity in either meters per second (m/s) or feet per second (FPS) and can calculate the muzzle energy (joules) for you if you opt to use the pre-programmed BB weight settings.

This chronograph has a 36mm wide bore, allowing for projectiles of up to 18mm in diameter to be measured, and the IR sensor within the unit is sensitive enough to detect projectiles as small as 4.5mm. If you are a triple threat Airsofter-paintballer-air gunner type, this chronograph can clock all three of your chosen shooters!

The controls for the unit can be found on the front, and come in the form of an aluminium scroll wheel, and a rubber "on/off" button. The scroll wheel makes it super easy to select your settings and is super quick to operate, preventing the hassle of using buttons to scroll - one press too many and you have to go round again! The unit is powered by 4 cheap and ever available AAA batteries, meaning no need to cry if you leave it on and drain the batteries as you might with a CR123a power source. This chrono also has an auto-power off function built-in, so even if you want to waste batteries it won't let you!

The Swiss Arms chronograph also comes with a flexible mini tripod, which can easily be compressed and thrown in a pocket for storage. The tripod mounts to a threaded insert on the underside of the chrono and assists with the 3 handed operation of trying to fire your rifle one-handed through a chrono held in your other hand, making measuring your FPS a breeze instead of a juggling act.

This chronograph can also be used to measure your rate of fire, which can be very useful for those trying to beat records and achieve new levels of performance. If it sounds like "BRRRRT" that is good, but if you want to put some numbers to that noise, and compare your setup to your mates, a chronograph is a good way to end the arguments once and for all!


  • Measures FPS, ROF and muzzle energy
  • Pre-set with 6 BB weights
  • Inbuilt memory can store your results
  • Auto power off - Saves your batteries
  • Companion software included for firmware upgrades and viewing testing data
  • Micro USB jack at the rear - Cable included
  • Can calculate average FPS
  • Scroll wheel control - Quick and easy to use
  • Wide bore - Allows for 4.5mm to 18mm projectiles to be measured
  • Powered by 4x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Includes mini-tripod

Package Includes

  • Swiss Arms Airsoft Chronograph



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