Theta Optics Rhino 4x32 Scope with Micro Red Dot Sight

Theta Optics
Code: THO-10-011608
  • 4x Magnification
  • 20mm Side Rails
  • Backup Red Dot Sight

A compact and tactical scope for 20mm Rails, that offers a fixed 4x magnification as well as the option of a backup red dot sight for closer range engagements, and an illuminated reticule.

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The Rhino 4x32 Scope is a fixed magnification optic with a few tricks up its' sleeve. It's essentially a modern day equivalent of the ACOG design, keeping much of the original design that makes it so attractive. The optic itself is fixed at 4x magnification, which is the ideal level of zoom for most Airsoft engagements. The adjustment turrets can be found at the top and right side of the sight, and take the form of concealed turrets protected beneath threaded caps. This design helps keep dust and debris out of the internals of the sight, ensuring it functions as it should. Once the threaded caps have been removed, the sight can be adjusted for windage and elevation using a flat head screwdriver.

Should the fight get close and personal, the backup Red Dot Sight can be used to engage targets quicker and more efficiently. This backup sight can be adjusted for Windage/Elevation from its own set of controls. If you would like more details on the backup Red dot sight, see its description here. The scope has two very short 20mm side rails which can be used to add Lasers, Lights and other tactical gubbins to enhance the function of the sight; an additional rail is present on the top of this RIS version. An illuminated reticule makes the sight much easier to use in the dark or bright woodland, giving you the ability to illuminate the center dot (or Point of Impact) to five varying degrees of brightness. The sight is permanently mounted on an integrated 20mm Mount, which allows you to attach the sight to any 20mm RIS/RAS/Picatinny Rail System.

The reticule of the main sight is a typical Mil-Dot layout which is easy to read/use, and allows you to make last second adjustments to your shots, based on how your previous shot landed. This sight picture can be adjusted for windage/elevation by removing the protective caps and using a flat head screwdriver to make adjustments. The backup Red Dot Sight can be adjusted by making use of the included Allen Keys.


  • 4x Fixed Magnification
  • Backup Red Dot Sight
  • Illuminated Reticule
  • Mil-Dot Sight Picture
  • Adjustable Ironsights
  • 2 x Side 20mm Rails
  • Integrated 20mm Mount
  • Fits 95% of Airsoft Guns
  • Clear Sight Picture
  • Windage/Elevation Adjust
  • CR1620 Battery Included
  • Perfect for Short-Medium Range
  • Solid Alloy Construction

Package Includes

  • Theta Optics Rhino 4x32 Scope with Micro Red Dot Sight
  • CR1620 Battery
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • User Manual
  • Allen Keys



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Sight Type
Package Includes
Battery, Cleaning Cloth, Cover, Allen Keys,

Weight and Dimension

Product Length
Approx. 15.5cm
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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.462kg


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Item Colour
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Sight Specific

Sight Magnification
Sight Adjustment Adjustments
Windage, Elevation, Illumination,
Sight Zero Adjuster Method
Flat-Head Screwdriver
Sight Zero Location
Top, Right,
Sight Mount Options
Integrated Rail Mount
Reticle Type
Sight Backup Sight

Illuminated Sight Specific

Illuminated Reticle
Illuminated Reticle Levels
Illuminated Reticle Colours
Battery Type

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Michael Murray
Written on 08/05/2022
Looks and feels like military grade optics
Rated 5 out of 5