TruSight Airsoft Tru-Hop Gen.3 HOP-Up Rubber; AEG Version

TruSight Airsoft
Code: T-HOP-GEN3
  • R-HOP Kit for AEGs
  • Includes bucking & nub
  • Extend range & improve accuracy

Whether you're building a DMR or simply want more range from your standard AEG, an R-HOP kit can make all the difference. Unlike other R-HOP kits on the market, the Trusight Tru-Hop Gen.3 is designed to be effectively a drop-in installation, with no need for adding patches of various sizes and includes both the HOP-up bucking and a concave HOP-up nub.

The set is designed to be widely compatible and should fit most Airsoft AEG spec inner barrels, though due to its enlarged contact patch, it will only work with inner barrels with a window measuring approximately 5mm in length x 1.7mm in depth. If you are happy to get stuck in with your AEG internals and you're looking for range and accuracy improvements, the Trusight Tru-Hop Gen.3 Hop-Up Rubber is what you need!

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An advancement of the Trusight Gen.1 and Gen.2 Tru-HOP sets, the Tru-Hop Gen.3 Hop-Up Rubber is designed to provide pinpoint accuracy at extreme ranges and will perform flawlessly in any environmental temperature. Whether you're shooting in the bleak mid-winter or during the height of summer, the Tru-Hop Gen.3 will provide the same perfect performance.

When compared to the Gen.2, the Gen.3 offers tighter groupings at long range but sacrifices a slight bit of overall range to do this, making it ideal for accuracy-focused setups. The design of the Gen.3 sticks to Tokyo Marui spec when it comes to the thickness of the bucking walls but extends the contact patch both in depth and length, meaning a stronger HOP-up effect, less side-to-side deviation and the ability to apply maximum HOP-up tension without sacrificing FPS.

The set includes both the HOP-up bucking and a concave HOP-up nub intended to achieve the full potential of the Tru-Hop system by applying pressure to the entire HOP-up contact patch inside the bucking. Installing the nub is not essential for function but adds a lot to the overall setup, functioning similarly to well-regarded "OMEGA" nubs.

Compatibility-wise, the Tru-Hop will fit most Airsoft AEG spec inner barrels but not all of them. Ideally, the barrel window should measure 5mm in length x 1.7mm in depth at a minimum (diagram available on the Trusight Website) to allow for the extended HOP-up patch and concave nub. Trusight recommends coating the HOP-up bucking with a thin film of silicone lubricant to aid installation, and the Tru-Hop requires a break-in period of between 500 and 1000 rounds before you will see its true potential shine forth.

As always, we only recommend internal upgrade parts for those with experience or those willing to learn, though this R-HOP kit is probably the easiest to install on the market right now, and barely different than installing a standard HOP-up rubber.


  • R-HOP Kit - Extends range and improves accuracy
  • Easy installation - No trial and error, no messing around with patches
  • Includes HOP-up bucking and concave HOP-up nub
  • Consistent HOP-up performance between -50°C to 230°C
  • Compatible with most Airsoft AEG inner barrels - Barrel window size 5mm length x 1.7mm depth
  • Check the Trusight Website for detailed compatibility before ordering

Package Includes

  • Trusight Tru-Hop Gen.3 HOP-Up Rubber; AEG Version
    • Tru-Hop Gen.3 Bucking
    • Tru-Hop Concave nub



Internal Part Type
Hop-Up Rubber, Hop-Up & Parts, Hop-Up Nub,
Patrol Base - Warning Icon
The Tru-hop Gen.3 only works with specific inner barrel window sizes. More information is available in the "Full Description" and on


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Red, Blue,
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Silicone HOP-up bucking with polymer concave HOP-up nub
Internal Part Construction
Polymer, Silicon,

Part Specific

Part for Power Source Type
Package Includes
  • Hop Rubber
  • Hop Nub

Electric Part Specific

Gearbox Version Compatibility Variant
Most Airsoft AEG

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