Viper Tactical Folding Dump Bag Pouch

  • Drawstring Cord
  • Pouch Folds Up
  • Adjustable

    Dump pouches were created so that in the heat of combat you have somewhere to store part-used and empty magazines where they will not be confused with fresh magazines. 

    The pouch is not limited to magazines, and is a convenient way to quickly store any equipment or objects you have on you during a skirmish, such as reusable grenades or water bottles. Attached via your belt or MOLLE rig, this strong Nylon bag will hold your Airsoft equipment and magazines, and can be held shut with an adjustable draw string. 

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    An essential piece of kit, and the perfect place to store your used magazines during Airsofting. The large opening ensures that you will be able to drop used magazines in easily and incredibly quickly with little chance of missing the pouch, which is ideal when you need to perform a rapid reload in the heat of a skirmish. The opening features a drawstring, allowing users to close the pouch to avoid the loss of magazines during Airsoft skirmishing.


    • Large reinforced opening for ease of access for the disposal of empty mags
    • Drawstring cord with lock to prevent loss
    • Adjustable belt attachments
    • Pouch rolls up & can be held closed when not in use
    • Drain holes in the bottom
    • Attaches to your belt or MOLLE rig

    Package Includes

    • Folding Dump Bag Pouch



    Tactical Equipment Type
    Colour Wheel Greyscale
    Item Colour
    Black, Olive Green ,
    Icon - V-Cam Multicam
    V-Cam Vipercam
    Material Icon
    Product Height
    Approx. 30cm
    Product Width
    Approx. 25cm

    Pouch Specific

    Pouch Type
    Attachment Method
    Securing Feature
    MOLLE Type

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