VORSK 0.25g 6mm Tracer BB

  • ±0.01mm Tolerance
  • Red / Green Tracers
  • 0.25g 6mm Tracer BBs

Produced by VORSK Airsoft, these Airsoft Tracer BBs are precision engineered 6mm BBs which are designed to be used in a wide range of Airsoft guns and replicas. These BBs are part of the VORSKs brand new range of Airsoft BBs ranging from light weight BBs for beginner Airsoft players, all the way up to super heavyweight BBs for professional players and snipers.

These particular BBs are Tracer 0.25g BBs which have been infused with glow in the dark materials allowing them to be fired through Airsoft Tracer units to sling a glowing BB down range at your target. Available in both Red and Green these tracer BBs are Super fun for use in dark environments to track your shots as they fly, or to add to the end of a magazine to let you know you're running low.

These BBs are standard 0.25g BBs which are designed to work in any Airsoft gun, performing best in Airsoft guns which fire between 280fps - 370fps, and are the go-to weight for any Airsoft skirmisher looking for an the perfect all around weight for a standard AEG. Whether you're new to Airsoft, or a regular skirmisher, this weight of BB will most likely be your go-to BB weight, and is the most commonly used by Airsoft players.. 

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To ensure the performance of these BBs they are manufactured for VORSK in Taiwan to the highest of standards. Don't be worried that the quality and performance of the BB is affected by the materials used to make Tracer BBs, as the BBs are designed and sorted to the highest of tolerances to ensure they travel as stably as possible through the air. Each VORSK BB is made to 5.95mm with a production variance of only ±0.01mm, which are some of the highest tolerances available on the market to date. Once made each BB is triple polished for enhanced flight, meaning there are no small imperfections which would cause drag and deviation in the flight path of the BB.

These Trace BBs come in multiple different sizes of bottles and bags, allowing you to pick the perfect amount for your play style, as well as in both Red and Green allowing you to pick the flavour of colour you want for your BBs as they fly through the air. Want to take the BBs in-game in a magazine pouch, or simply want to test them out, then the smaller 1100rnd bottle is for you. Want a great sized bottle for putting in a backpack, or bag side pocket for quick access? Then the 2000rnd bottle is for you. Found the perfect BB for you, and want to purchase larger volumes of BBs? The 3600rnd Bottle and 1KG bags are the best choice!

To make sure the BBs are just as fresh as when they were first produced each bottle comes sealed with a foil top to keep them as Airtight as possible. The bags are also heat sealed to keep them fresh, with a re-sealable opening to prevent your BBs from escaping when you put them in your kit bags and backpacks. To make it easy to open the bottles come with a large screw top lid to make them easy to open even whilst wearing gloves.

These weight BBs are perfect for those Airsoft Skirmishers who have got their hands on an Airsoft Tracer Unit and have an Airsoft Gun which fires between 280fps - 370fps. These BBs perform great in both in-door and outdoor scenarios, with this weight typically being used by most Airsoft skirmishers as their go-to weight for BBs.


  • Airsoft Tracer BBs
  • 0.25g Airsoft 6mm BBs
  • BBs glow in the dark when passed through an Airsoft Tracer Unit
  • Red / Green variants available
  • Great in Airsoft guns between 280fps - 370fps
  • The go-to BB weight for almost all Airsoft Skirmishers
  • Tested to the highest standard by VORSK
  • Great in VORSK Airsoft Guns
  • 5.95mm ± 0.01mm tolerance for consistent performance
  • Triple polished for enhanced flight
  • Factory sorted, with only the best BBs selected
  • Bottles are foil sealed to ensure they come factory fresh every time
  • Bottles feature larger easy to grip screw top
  • Bags are re-sealable to allow you to keep the BBs fresher for longer
  • Available in 1100 / 2000 / 3600 / 5000 quantities
  • Small bottle available for taking in-game, which fits in smaller pouches
  • Larger bottle available for storing between games
  • Made in Taiwan

Package Contains

  • VORSK - 0.25g 6mm Tracer BB



Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Red, Green,
Product Height
Approx. 12cm, Approx. 18.8cm, Approx. 21.6cm, Approx. 25.5cm,
Product Length
Approx. 5.6cm, Approx. 7cm, Approx. 15cm,
Product Width
Approx. 5.6cm, Approx. 7cm, Approx. 5cm,
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.313kg, Approx. 0.556kg, Approx. 0.973kg, Approx. 1.015kg,

BB Specific

Approx. 1100, Approx. 2000, Approx. 3600, Approx. 4000,
BB Type
BB Weight (g)
BB Size (mm)
Approx. 5.95mm
BB Tolerance (mm)
+/- 0.01mm
BB Material
Glow In The Dark Infused Polymers
x1100 Bottle, x2000 Bottle, x3600 Bottle, 1KG Bag,