VORSK Outdoor GBBR Skirmish Pack

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  • VORSK 0.30g Bio BBs
  • VORSK V12 Maximum GBB Fuel
  • Perfect for woodland GBBR warfare!

If you run a GBBR in outdoor skirmishes this pack would be perfect! The Outdoor GBBR Skirmish Pack combines VORSK 0.30g Biodegradable BBs with VORSK's GBBR optimised high power green gas, V12 Maximum GBB Fuel. 0.30g BBs should give you excellent stability at long range, improved foliage penetration and greater wind resistance than lighter weights, and V12 will improve your rifle's resistance to cooldown and give you a snappy cyclic rate and immersive recoil.

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  • 0.30g BIO BBs
  • Bottles or Bags
  • ±0.01mm Tolerance

Produced by VORSK Airsoft, these Airsoft BIO BBs are precision engineered 6mm BBs which are designed to be used in a wide range of Airsoft guns and replicas. These BBs are part of the VORSKs brand new range of Airsoft BBs ranging from light weight BBs for beginner Airsoft players, all the way up to super heavyweight BBs for professional players and snipers.

These particular BBs are BIO 0.30g BBs which are created from biodegradable materials so that they will gradually break down with time when exposed to natural environments. Touted as a more environmentally friendly BB, they are sometimes required by certain Airsoft sites to play. 

This weight of BB (0.30g) is right on the overlap of Assault Rifle / Sniper Rifle gameplay, and can realistically be used for either application. If you want the ability to cut through trees/leaves/branches with less deflections, or if you play at a windy site where standard BBs won't cut it, then the 0.30g is an ideal weight.

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Code: VCP-GAS-V12
  • 220 PSI Output
  • Power Up Green Gas
  • For Gas Blowback Rifles

A Super Performance enhancing Green Gas designed for use in Gas Blowback Rifles. The VORSK V12 Green Gas provides you with a highly consistent composition of Gas to Silicone lubricant ratio, thus keeping your magazines and seals healthy while providing you with an ULTRA STRONG recoil and great shot-to-shot consistency! VORSK V12 Is the perfect Fuel for your GBBR. 




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Green Gas
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Propane, Lubricants,