VORSK V6 Performance GBB Fuel

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  • 175 PSI Output
  • Power Up Green Gas
  • For GBB Pistols, Rifles

A Performance enhancing Green Gas designed for use in Alloy / Metal slide Gas Blowback Pistols & Rifles. The VORSK V6 Green Gas provides you with a highly consistent composition of Gas to Silicone lubricant ratio, thus keeping your magazines and seals healthy while providing you with a super strong recoil and great shot-to-shot consistency! VORSK V6 Is the perfect Fuel for your Pistol!  

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The tin is constructed from aluminium so it's nice and lightweight, provides 300g of Gas, measures 27cm in height and 2.5" or 6.4cm in width, so its easy to fit into a pouch with some wiggle room to keep your gas secure and on you at all times during your skirmish so you can refill and re-engage without hesitation.

It features a heavy duty alloy nozzle, with two protective plastic caps to ensure that your nozzle is never bent or snapped. 

The VORSK V6 is similar in power to other Green Gases such as ASG ULTRAIR, as it possesses a similar power output and consistency, which is why it's ideally designed for Gas Blowback Pistols / SMG's, Shotguns or anything with a short cycle / bolt travel. It can be used for GBB rifles however due to the bolt size and larger gas reservoir typically they require a different composition.

This is the perfect go-to-gas for all Airsoft players, it provides a basic but reliable Gas Output and contains silicone lubricant to keep your gun healthy while providing you with the fuel for your fight. 


  • Green Gas
  • Contains Silicone Lubricant
  • 175 PSI Output
  • 300g
  • VORSK V6 Gas
  • For GBB Pistols
  • For GBB SMGs
  • For GBB Shotguns
  • Metal Nozzle
  • Great for IPSC

Package Includes

  • VORSK V6 GBB Fuel 300g 



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Over 18
Product Height
Approx. 27cm
Product Width
Approx. 2.6cm
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.4kg
Patrol Base - Warning Icon
Do not leave Airsoft Gas items in Hot Cars, or Direct Sunlight.

Gas Specific

Gas Type
Green Gas
Contains Lubrication
Gas Composition
Propane, Butane, Lubricants,

Gas Container Specific

Gas Container Nozzle Type

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