VORTEX Tactical 30mm Low Ring

Code: TRL
  • 6 Bolt Securing
  • 30mm Diameter Tubing
  • 20mm RIS/Picatiny Compatible 

The perfect way to securely mount your scope onto your Airsoft gun, allowing you to get the best possible accuracy from your scope when aiming. 

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Designed for scopes with a tube diameter of 30mm or less, this low profile ring mount is the perfect way to securely mount your favoured scope onto your Airsoft gun. Sold individually these are high end and very low profile mounts that thanks to the 6 point bolts you will have a rock solid grasp of your scope of other, 30mm diameter tubes item. The ring also allows for you to shim/lapp for an even more precise setup of your favourite scope. For range and accuracy shooting, having a solid and reliable mount setup is a must. You have a basic assembly guide and Allen key tool included with each ring too. The lower you can set your scope to the barrel, generally the more precise adjustments you can make to your scope. Just like all of the VORTEX scopes, this attachment has a lifetime warranty too. Should any threads ever become damaged accidentally, and not intentionally then contact ourselves or VORTEX for a replacement.


  • Robust 6-screw fastenings
  • Holds anything with a tube up to 30mm in diameter
  • Secures onto 20mm/picatiny rail systems
  • Room for rings to be lapped for an even tighter fit to your accessories
  • Centres your rifle scope tube to a height of 0.83 inches (21mm) from the base 

Package Includes:

  • TACTICAL 30mm Low Ring (1 ring per pack these are not sold in pairs)
  • Assembly instruction guide
  • Allen key

Warranty Cover:

No matter who ends up owning this product, you do not need a receipt to claim on warranty when going direct through VORTEX. Alternatively, if you would prefer ourselves to handle any claim, then we would require a proof of purchase from ourselves to avoid any delay. You do not need to keep a paper copy, we can find your original sale from your name and address.

Your new purchase is covered for absolutely any accident that impairs the operation of the product and any feature. Cosmetic damage that does not impair the operation is not covered. Once again, warranty if for life! If the product becomes discontinued then VORTEX will replace your item/s with a newer version completely free of charge.



External Part Type


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Construction Icon

Weight and Dimension

Product Width
Approx. 3cm

Part Specific

Rail System Icon
Rail System
20mm RIS / RAS
Weapon Platform
Long Gun

Mount Specific

Mount Type
Scope Mount

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