WADSN M300 Scout Tactical Flashlight w/Diffuser Cover

Code: WD04082-BK
  • 500 Lumens output
  • Integral 20mm Picatinny rail mount
  • Constant on push button tail cap

If you are in need of a compact tactical flashlight for a short-barreled rifle or SMG setup an M300 pattern light is one of the best options out there. This variant, the WADSN M300 Scout Tactical Flashlight w/Diffuser Cover uses an M300 light body coupled with a specialised head with a built-in diffuser cover which can be quickly flipped out of the way when not needed.

The diffuser is designed to spread the light throw out to more effectively distract and disorient enemy players when entering a room and flipping it aside will narrow the beam for long range engagements. Being based on an M300 scout light body means you can use alternative scout light mounts, tail caps and other scout light accessories to set it up to suit you perfectly.

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The M300/600 Scout has become the go-to tactical flashlight configuration for Airsofters thanks to its popularity in the real steel world and the prevalence of affordable Airsoft equivalents which take pure advantage of its modular design. This version follows the standard scout light format and is compatible with aftermarket scout flashlight mounts but uses a new bezel design with a built-in diffuser cover.

The diffuser cover is designed to spread the light emitted from the flashlights stifling 500-lumen XML-U2 LED to dazzle opponents as you enter the room and also helps soften the light for more discrete navigation. The cover is mounted to the bezel via a rubber retainer, allowing it to be quickly flipped out of the way for a more directed beam and a longer light throw.

The flashlight is powered by a single CR123a cell (not included) which needs to be inserted through the front of the flashlight. To do this you will need to unscrew the bezel (the front) which is easy thanks to the machined recesses around the bezel.

Attached to the light body, we have an integrated 20mm Picatinny mount which allows the light to be mounted to any 20mm Picatinny rail and can be swapped out for alternative mounts for M-LOK, KeyMod or extended mounts designed to clear suppressors and longer barrels. The activation switch is located on the rear and provides constant on when pressed but can be exchanged for aftermarket WADSN tail caps so you can use a pressure switch or dual function switch if you fancy.

If you are after a compact tactical flashlight ideally sized for a short-barreled platform, the WADSN M300 Scout Tactical Flashlight w/Diffuser Cover would be a fine choice for both distraction, navigation and for its good looks. With access to all of WADSN's aftermarket scout light goodies and an advanced look which deviates from the norm for an M300 weapon light, this is the flashlight to go for if you want a unique setup!


  • XML-U2 LED - 500 Lumens output
  • Integral 20mm Picatinny rail mount - Compatible with aftermarket "Scout" mounts
  • Constant on push button tail cap - Direct control via the rear of the flashlight
  • Diffuser cover on the front - Spreads the light throw out for room clearance, flip it to the side for long, narrow throw
  • Short body design - Great for compact setups
  • Battery: 1 x CR123a Cell (not included)
  • Batteries available here
  • Supplied in a hard storage/transport case
  • Extended M-LOK mount available here

Package Includes

  • WADSN M300 Scout Tactical Flashlight w/Diffuser Cover



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Flashlight, Torches, and Lasers, Flashlight / Torch,
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Approx. 0.095kg
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Approx. 4cm
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Approx. 11cm
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Approx. 4cm


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Aluminium body and tail cap with polymer front shroud and diffuser cover. Steel mounting screws.
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Polymer, Aluminium, Steel,