WADSN PEQ15 LA-5C Red Laser / White Light Version

  • Functional PEQ15 LA-5C variant
  • Includes pressure switch
  • White light and red laser combination unit

If you have rail space to fill and want the purebred operator look for your primary, a PEQ box is a great way to elevate the look of your rifle. The WADSN PEQ15 LA-5C comes with the added benefit that it doesn't just look really cool, it is also a functional aiming laser and tactical flashlight! This PEQ unit provides both bright white light and a red aiming laser which can be activated either using the onboard activation button or the included pressure switch. The WADSN PEQ15 LA-5C requires two CR123a cells, either standard disposable cells or rechargeable cells. 

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A PEQ box is one of those essential items if you want to rock that fully decked out special forces look, and the WADSN PEQ15 LA-5C adds some impressive functionality to go along with the elite aesthetic. This PEQ unit provides both a bright white light, ideally suited to navigation and disorienting the enemy whilst breaching a room, and a red aiming laser to assist in landing those all-important first shots. The LA-5C variant of the PEQ15 is the latest variant to enter the market and is a must for an ultra-modern setup. 

The activation switch for the PEQ15 LA-5C can be found on the top of the unit and can be used to provide constant on control for both the white light and the red aiming laser. On the rear of the unit, we can find a 2.5mm PEQ jack for the included pressure switch which can also be used to control the unit, providing momentary-on functionality. This means that as long as the pressure switch is held down the unit will stay turned on. Included in the box is a small section of 3M Velcro, allowing you to attach the pressure switch to your primary in a position that suits your playstyle. The rotary dial on the top of the unit provides no function but is present to add some realism to the unit, along with the two alloy "visible light locking" screws which are anodised in blue which is another nod to realism and matches the real PEQ15 LA-5C perfectly. 

The bezel at the front left of the unit contains the white light LED, and includes a diffuser cover to both protect the lens from incoming fire and soften the light for more discrete navigation. This diffuser cover is retained via rubber straps and can be pulled to the side to allow the light to be used for offensive operations, with its dazzlingly bright LED helping to disorient the enemy, giving you a precious extra few seconds to land your shot. The dual aperture on the front right of the unit is where the red laser is housed, sitting in the lower of the two apertures. This laser can be adjusted and zeroed using the adjustment screws on the top and right side of the unit, allowing this laser to actually be used for aiming rather than just adding cool points (which it still does, by the way). The laser aperture also includes a cover that can be pushed to the side to reveal the laser itself. 

At the rear of the unit, on the left side, we can find the battery compartment of the WADSN PEQ15 LA-5C which holds 2x CR123a cells (not included). To access the compartment, simply unscrew the cap, after which your batteries can be inserted. To facilitate battery swaps in the field the battery cap is retained on the unit with a rubber lanyard, which stops the cap from falling and getting lost. The battery cap is sealed thanks to a rubber o-ring, which should help the PEQ unit resist minor moisture from moderate rain etc. 

If you are looking for the accessory of choice for UKSF, Delta Force, US Navy SEALs or practically any other special forces unit in the world, the PEQ15 LA-5C is it. WADSN's offering not only looks fantastic but adds functionality too, with a white light that could challenge the sun, and a red aiming laser which is fully adjustable!


  • Bright white light with diffuser cover
  • Realistic dummy function dial with lockout screws
  • Adjustable red aiming laser - Hip firing heaven!
  • Battery compartment with o-ring for water resistance (do not submerge it though!)
  • Polymer construction with alloy mount insert and steel screw
  • Includes realistic warning stickers
  • Supplied in a polymer hard storage case
  • Faithful replica of the latest PEQ15; the LA-5C

Package Includes

  • WADSN PEQ15 LA-5C Red Laser / White Light Version
  • Pressure switch w/ 3M Velcro section
  • Warning stickers



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Flashlight, Torches, and Lasers, Flashlight / Torch, Laser,
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Over 18

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.128kg
Product Height
Approx. 4cm
Product Length
Approx. 11.5cm
Product Width
Approx. 7.5cm


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Item Colour
Black, Dark Earth,
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Polymer body with alloy mount insert with steel mounting bolt and adjustment screws.
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Polymer, Steel, Alloy,