WADSN Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch

  • Dual switch for 3.5mm PEQ / DBAL & SF Scout light
  • Fits 20mm Picatinny, M-LOK or KeyMod
  • Streamline your setup!

If you are running a PEQ15 or DBAL laser unit with a 3.5mm pressure switch jack together with an SF style scout light, we have to say that's a nice setup! With the ever-growing popularity of running accessorised Airsoft rifles, WADSN has introduced a neat enhancement to combine the controls of a PEQ15, DBAL or OGL with a 3.5mm jack and an SF scout style tactical flashlight with the standard SF plug. The Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch from WADSN is the perfect thing to streamline your rifle setup and get things slick and organised!

No longer do you have to have three hands to proficiently control your accessories; the Tactical Augmented Dual Function Tape Switch puts the controls of both an SF scout style tactical flashlight and PEQ15 or DBAL (3.5mm jack) right at your fingertips, wherever you choose to place them. This switch can be mounted to 20mm Picatinny rails with the pre-installed mount, or to M-LOK or KeyMod rails with the included mounting apparatus and the Picatinny mount removed.

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The Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch from WADSN is a great way to streamline your setup and make all those fancy lasers and lights a bit more functional. This tape switch can be mounted on either 20mm Picatinny rails with the pre-installed mount, or either M-LOK or KeyMod using the included mounting bolts and nuts, after first removing the Picatinny mount. 

This switch features two buttons providing a momentary-on function for both your flashlight and PEQ/DBAL/OGL. The button with a single dot recessed into its surface controls the activation of the PEQ15/DBAL, and the button with two dots controls your SF style scout tactical flashlight. If you ever forget which button activates which illumination device, simply refer to the area where the cables meet the body of the light, where you will find two dots at the base of the SF scout cable, and a single dot at the base of the PEQ/DBAL/OGL cable. 

This switch would be a great addition to any compact setups which are short on rail space, or any rifle with its rails mounted in weird, inaccessible areas, and can make using a tactical flashlight and laser together in-game that bit less complex. This switch is compatible with any PEQ, OGL or DBAL laser unit with a 3.5mm pressure switch jack, and SF style Scout light series flashlights with the SF style plug. 


  • Polymer construction with steel mounting bolts
  • Buttons and cables are helpfully labelled to avoid mix-ups!
  • Compatible with SF scout style flashlights with SF plug
  • Pre-installed 20mm Picatinny rail mount
  • Includes M-LOK and KeyMod mount apparatus
  • Momentary on switches for both PEQ/DBAL and SF Scout
  • Compatible with PEQ15, OGL & DBAL with 3.5mm PEQ pressure switch jack
  • Create a super slick setup with all your controls in one place!

Package Includes

  • WADSN Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch
  • M-LOK/KeyMod mounting screws and bolts
  • Allen key

Special Instructions

If you are unsure of your PEQ/DBAL's compatibility, we advise you to measure the size of the plug of the pressure switch supplied with it. There are two variants of the PEQ plug, this is for the 3.5mm version. 

If you need the version with the 2.5mm jack, check it out here



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Illumination Accessories
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Over 18

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.065kg
Product Length
Approx. 11.5cm


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Black, Dark Earth,
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Polymer with steel locking screws.
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Polymer, Steel,