WADSN XH35 Tactical Pistol Flashlight w/Strobe

  • Aluminium construction
  • Strobe and high/low power mode
  • 250 Lumens on low power, 890 lumens on high!

If you are looking for one of the spiciest pistol flashlights we sell, the XH35 from WADSN is up there with its phenomenal 890 lumens output on high power mode! The XH35 is an enhanced pistol flashlight based on the X300 design but with the ability to switch between low and high output mode, and the solid or stroboscopic modes. The XH35 uses the same rocker switch controls as previous X200/300/400 series lights, so there is no need to retrain if you fancy an upgrade!

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The XH35 follows on from the success of the X300 pistol flashlight series and combines the superb ergonomics of previous designs with a retina-sizzlingly bright 890 lumen LED and a stroboscopic mode. 

 The XH35 is designed for use on pistols, but can also be mounted on a rifle and used effectively thanks to its dual "rocker" switch activation method. WADSN's XH35 offers two levels of light output; the "low" output mode, which provides a sensible but still dazzling 250 lumens, and the "high" output mode, burning the enemy team's eyes, and your batteries with an astonishing 890 lumens! Taking after the real XH35, the WADSN version sports a tight "hot point", allowing the flashlight to be used as a makeshift aiming device for up close and personal work where time is of the essence.  

The activation switches, known as a "rocker" switch, can be found at the rear of the flashlight body. This switch can be activated from either side and provides momentary on with a quick push forward, and constant on with a full push to either the bottom or the top, with either side's switch. The battery compartment can be found beneath the switch and can be accessed by pushing the textured release catch on the underside of the light down, after which the battery compartment can be hinged open. The WADSN XH35 requires 2x CR123a batteries to operate, either standard disposable or rechargeable cells. 

The mount supplied on the XH35 is patterned after that of the X400, providing an integral QD universal/Picatinny rail mount, intended to function with both standard 20mm Picatinny and pistol rails. This mount is machined into the body of the light itself, adding to the structural strength and preventing any wobble from developing from loose screws. To install the light onto your pistol or rifle with the pre-installed mount simply align the tab on the inside of the mount with a rail slot, and with the mounting screw unscrewed, position the light where you want it and tighten the screw back down. Also included in the box is a mount insert designed specifically for pistol style Picatinny rails found on Glock, SIG and EU series pistols. If you find the XH35 is a bit loose on your rail, we recommend trying the pistol rail insert for a more snug fit. 

The stand out feature of the XH35 is its flexibility, offering both low and high output modes as well as a stroboscopic mode to disorient the enemy as you breach a room. The controls for the output mode and the strobe mode can be found on the bottom of the XH35, taking the form of two push through switches. The forward-most switch activates and deactivates the strobe mode, and the rear switch allows you to select between low and high output modes. Offering a lower output mode is a nice feature, as it allows you to preserve your batteries whilst still sporting a light which is brighter than most at 250 lumens on low output!

So, if your mates all have pistol flashlights and you want one that's brighter, get this, chances are you will achieve your objective! The only thing the X300 light was short of is a strobe mode, and thankfully now we have our blinky lights with all the ergonomic enhancements and thoughtful design characteristics of the original and well regarded X300 design.


  • Aluminium construction
  • QD universal 20mm Picatinny mount pre-installed
  • Takes 2x CR123a batteries (not included)
  • Includes mount insert for pistol rails 
  • Strobe mode - Perfect for room clearing
  • Low output mode - 250 Lumens
  • High output mode - 890 Lumens! Yep, no typo!
  • Supplied in a hard storage case
  • Rocker switch - Momentary and constant on

Package Includes

  • WADSN XH35 Tactical Pistol Flashlight w/Strobe
  • Pistol rail insert
  • Allen key
  • User manual



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Flashlight, Torches, and Lasers, Flashlight / Torch,
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Over 18

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.09kg
Product Height
Approx. 4cm
Product Length
Approx. 3.7cm
Product Width
Approx. 3.6cm


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Item Colour
Black, Dark Earth,
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Aluminium body and mount with steel locking screws. Polymer rocker switch.
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Polymer, Aluminium, Steel,
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Rail System
20mm RIS / RAS