5KU 1913/20mm Picatinny Folding Visor/Respirator Stock

Code: 5KU-342-BK
  • Steel folding/mounting mech
  • Aluminium stock with steel QD sockets
  • For 1913/20mm Picatinny stock adapter/MPX/MCX

If your primary weapon is boasting a 1913/20mm Picatinny stock setup you now have some fresh new stock options thanks to 5KU! The 1913/20mm Picatinny Folding Visor/Respirator Stock is designed to mount to any 20mm Picatinny rail, primarily those found on MPX and MCX rifles, and other AEG/GBB primaries with 1913/20mm Picatinny stock mounting apparatus. Feel free to mount it to any rail on your AEG, but don't blame us for the funny looks!

The stock body is constructed from aluminium to keep the weight low, and the butt plate is rubber with linear texture to promote positive grip, with or without body armour. The folding/mounting mechanism is constructed from steel to provide the strength needed, and the QD sockets on either side of the stock are also steel, and fully functional. The Visor/Respirator stock is designed specifically to provide perfect sight alignment when wearing bulky face gear, allowing you to see down your optic without requiring a riser and increasing height over bore.

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If you have a Sig Air MCX or MPX, or your primary is equipped with a 1913/20mm Picatinny stock adapter and you like to keep your lady catcher concealed in a facemask during gameplay, this stock is designed with you in mind! The Visor/Respirator Stock from 5KU is a strange shape, and this is to allow for large face protection to be worn without having to make compromises in how you wield your primary.

The stock itself is constructed from aluminium to keep the weight manageable with a steel folding/mounting mechanism to add strength only where it is needed. The QD sockets on either side of the stock are also constructed from steel and are fully functional, ready for QD swivels to be mounted. The butt plate is constructed from rubber with linear texture, and is shaped well to provide a large and comfortable contact surface with enough grip to stay in your shoulder regardless of the weather conditions. At the toe of the stock, we are also treated to a pair of sling slots for traditional strap slings which can also be used to rig up a paracord sling mount for a silent sling solution, ideal for sneaky CQB players!

With the advent of the 1913/20mm Picatinny stock attachment method comes a plethora of stock options which can be swapped out quickly and easily to suit the mission at hand. The Visor/Respirator stock is designed for full face mask users with its large recess allowing plenty of space for Dye masks, real steel respirators or full-face riot visors, including the Russian "Atlyn" and "Maska-1" helmets. No need for ugly risers which mean more compensation for height over bore when shooting up close, just wack this ugly stock on your gat instead! This stock's beauty is in its functionality!


  • Steel folding/mounting mechanism
  • Aluminium stock - Lightweight and strong
  • Curved rubber butt plate with linear texture - Excellent gripping qualities
  • Funky design - Intended to allow clearance for full face masks/visors/respirators
  • Steel QD sling sockets on either side - Ready for QD swivels
  • Subjective looks - Objectively effective!
  • Mounts to 1913/20mm Picatinny rail adapter - For AK | For M4/AR15
  • Compatible with Sig Air MCX and MPX

Package Includes

  • 5KU 1913/20mm Picatinny Folding Visor/Respirator Stock



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Stock, 1913/Picatinny Stock Attachment System,
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Aluminium stock body. Steel QD inserts, stock folding/mounting mechanism.

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Approx. 12cm
Product Length
Approx. 24cm
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Approx. 1.8cm
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Approx. 0.468kg

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Weapon Platform
Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle, Rifles and SMGs with 1913/20mm Stock mounting apparatus,