5KU KP-9 Spitfire Tracer Unit; 14mm CCW

Code: BBP-334
  • Tracer unit with muzzle flash
  • Fits 14mm CCW male threaded barrels
  • KP-9 Replica - Perfect for PP-19-01 AEGs and other SMGs

If you are looking for a Tracer Unit with Russian styling the KP-9 Spitfire Tracer Unit from 5KU is one to keep an eye on. This device is based on the real world MPI KP-9 flash suppressor used by Russian Special Forces with their PP-19-01 SMGs and is ideal for any 9mm style Airsoft SMG but will fit any Airsoft rifle with a 14mm CCW male threaded barrel.

This KP-9 isn't just about the looks either, inside you will find a Spitfire Tracer insert which illuminates green tracer BBs and provides a realistic muzzle flash effect each time you fire. The unit can be operated in flash only, tracer only or tracer and flash mode, giving plenty of options for the aggressive, the realism focussed and the more stealthy playstyles out there. Whether you run a PP-19 AEG or you are looking for the most menacing looking Spitfire tracer unit out there, this will do the trick!

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The real KP-9 flash suppressor is designed to eliminate muzzle flash, but this 5KU replica offers the exact opposite! The KP-9 Spitfire Tracer Unit mounts to 14mm CCW male threaded outer barrels and provides both muzzle flash and tracer unit functionality, with the option to turn off the muzzle flash when you want to sneak and turn off the tracer mode when you are using standard BBs while still enjoying realistic muzzle flash.

The device has a uniquely aggressive look, matching well with the general style of Russian inspired Airsoft replicas. Ideally used with a PP-19-01 AEG or GBB platform, the KP-9 is also compatible with any Airsoft gun with 14mm CCW male threads, though its real steel 9mm chambering makes it ideal for 9mm SMG replicas such as MP5/SMG-5, AR-9, Scorpion EVO and others.

The KP-9 Tracer Unit has an internal rechargeable lithium battery and can be recharged using a Micro-USB cable, one of which is included in the box. To access the charging port you will need to unscrew the rear cap of the unit, remove the internal spring and you will see the tracer insert which can be charged in place or removed from the body of the KP-9 to charge.

The activation button is also on the rear of the tracer insert and to turn the unit on you need to press it once (indicated with a single beep). Turning it off again requires a second press, and to confirm the unit is powered down it will emit two beeps. Mode selection is provided by the same button; simply press and hold the button for 2 seconds to scroll between muzzle flash & tracer, muzzle flash only and tracer only modes.

If you want a mean looking muzzle device with tracer functionality, they don't get much meaner than the 5KU KP-9. While it belongs on a Russian platform, the real world KP-9 appears on 9mm builds of all shapes, sizes and origins in the US civilian tactical community, so PP-19 or no PP-19, the KP-9 gives your primary a beastly look with tracer and muzzle flash functionality to back it up!


  • Aluminium construction
  • Fits 14mm CCW male threaded barrels - Compatible with most AEGs and GBBRs
  • KP-9 Style muzzle device - Perfect for PP-19-01 AEGs and other 9mm SMG replicas
  • Spitfire Tracer unit insert - Muzzle flash, Tracer functionality
  • Choose from several modes of operation:
    • Tracer & Muzzle Flash - Light 'em up!
    • Muzzle flash only - Great for realism and GBBR use
    • Tracer only - Perfect for sneaky playstyles
  • Internal rechargeable lithium battery - Recharged via Micro-USB cable (included)
  • Battery level indicator - Green light for good, red light for low battery
  • Auto shut down after 5 minutes of inactivity - Saves your battery
  • Shake to Wake - Turn the unit back on by simply picking your gun up
  • Quick charge ability - Charge for 5 minutes for 1000 shots
  • A full charge provides approximately 30,000 shots - Ready for your heavy trigger finger

Package Includes

  • 5KU KP-9 Spitfire Tracer Unit; 14mm CCW
  • Micro-USB Charger Cable
  • User manual

Special Instructions - Battery Care

This Tracer unit requires that it is charged up before use and that the battery is charged every 2-3 months at maximum to maintain battery health.



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Tracer unit
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This Tracer Unit requires recharging before its first use and must be recharged every 2 months to maintain battery health.


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Approx. 5cm
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Approx. 11.2cm
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Approx. 0.251kg

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Internal Rechargeable

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CCW (Counter Clockwise)
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