8Fields Tactical Belt Mounted Combo Rifle/Pistol Mag Speed Pouch

8Fields Tactical
  • Attaches to Belts
  • Bungee Retention
  • Rifle/Pistol Combo

A Belt-Mounted Combination Pouch for both a Pistol and Rifle Magazine. The Pouch is a Bungee-Retention design which means it is very adjustable, and can be made wide enough to accept anything up to a 7.62 Style Magazine such as M14/AK Magazines.

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The Pouch is constructed from 1000D Polyester, which makes it very tough and water resistant. The Elastic/Bungee that runs around each Pouch allows the user to set the tension of the Pouch, allowing it to take from smaller 5.56mm STANAG Magazines up to 7.62mm AK/M14 Magazines. The Pouch attaches to Belt Systems using a Velcro loop on the rear on the Pouch, making it ideal for those of you who have used up all your available MOLLE space and need extra pouches. Alternatively, if you're looking to transfer more of your Pouches off your Chest Rig and onto your hips, then the 8Fields Tactical Belt Mounted Combo Rifle/Pistol Mag Speed Pouch is ideal.


  • Combo Pouch
  • Pistol/Rifle Mag
  • Attaches to Belts
  • Bungee/Elastic Retention
  • Adjustable Pouch Size
  • Accepts 5.56/7.62
  • Available in Range of Colours
  • Velcro Belt Attachment
  • Stiff Pouch Design

Package Includes

  • Belt Mounted Combo Rifle/Pistol Mag Speed Pouch



Tactical Equipment Type
Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Multicam Colour Icon
Coyote Tan,
Tropic Multicam
Multicam Tropic
Partizan SSO
RU Partizan
Material Icon
1000D Polyester
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.15kg

Pouch Specific

Pouch Type
Attachment Method
Velcro, Belt,
Securing Feature
Retention, Bungee Cord,
Magazine Style Icon
Magazine Style
STANAG, Pistol Magazine, M4 / AR Platform,
Adjustable Size