8Fields Tactical Cheap Airsoft Gun Bag 105x32cm

8Fields Tactical
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  • Highly Affordable
  • Durable Rip-Resistant Nylon
  • Legal & Responsible Transport

A basic and affordable rip-resistant, draw-string nylon gun bag, offering Airsofters a very cheap and highly practical way of legally transporting an Airsoft gun between game days. 

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Put the bin-bags down, and leave the cardboard boxes at home! Now you've got no excuses for not transporting your Airsoft guns in a manner which is responsible and sensible, and most importantly, legal. This durable, rip-resistant nylon draw-string bag may be incredibly basic, but it's a far more practical way of transporting an Airsoft gun than trying to stuff it into an easily ripped bin-bag, or irresponsibly trying to disguise your Airsoft gun under clothing or a blanket. Under the Violent Crimes Reduction Act 2006 (VCRA), it is a criminal offence to be seen in a public location with both Replica Imitation Firearm (RIF), 2-tone Imitation Firearms (IFs), and accordingly Airsofters must be responsible and take the necessary precautions to avoid breaking the law, or potentially alarming members of the public. This basic nylon gun bag is highly affordable, and is a practical and legal way of transporting Airsoft guns between games. 


  • Pull Cord Closing
  • Long Enough for Most ARs
  • Simple and Cheap
  • Transport Your RIF Legally

Package Incudes:

  • Cheap Airsoft Gun Bag 105x32cm Coyote

Special Instructions:

Rifle cases and bags are a must have purchase for transporting Airsoft Guns to and from Game Sites, as it prevents them from being seen by members of the Public which is an offence under the VCRA Act, 2006



Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
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Product Length
Approx. 105cm
Product Width
Approx. 32cm

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Recommended For
  • Assault Rifle
  • Shotgun

Case Features

Grab Handle

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4 / 5
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Written on 10/06/2022
Cheap quality, but large bag and fit for purpose. Probably not intended for heavy use
Rated 4 out of 5