8Fields Tactical Explorador Backpack; 15L

8Fields Tactical
  • 1000D Nylon construction
  • Slim and compact - Great for mobility
  • MOLLE Webbing on the sides and back

If you are keeping your eye out for a compact backpack with discrete tactical styling that won't break the bank, the 8Fields Tactical Explorador Backpack is one to watch! This backpack has a capacity of 15 litres, making it rather low profile and ideally suited to the adventurous, whether it is used for Airsoft or for scrambling through the woods in some other context!

On the outside, the Explorador sports MOLLE webbing on the sides and rear, allowing you to add capacity with external pouches when you need to carry a heavier load. Also on the rear is a velcro panel, allowing morale or I.D patches to be mounted, and both straps and the lumbar pad are padded for maximum comfort no matter what load you are carrying. Internally, the contents are kept neat via several dividers, suitable for carrying a 15" laptop, hydration bladder or even a weighted plate for the fitness enthusiasts. 

Whether you need a compact backpack that won't slow you down to take into a skirmish or you need a day-to-day backpack with some tactical trimmings, the 8Fields Tactical Explorador Backpack; 15L will serve you well!

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The 8Fields Tactical Explorador Backpack is the ideal carrying solution for those who like to travel light and remain agile no matter what adventure they are undertaking. The Explorador has a 15-litre capacity, making it large enough to carry sustenance and equipment for a day out in the hills but still compact enough that you can crawl through a thicket without getting snagged. 

On the outside, the Explorador is equipped with MOLLE webbing on the sides and rear, allowing MOLLE pouches to be added when you need to carry more items or simply need essentials such as water bottles, first aid kits and tools to be close at hand. There are two pockets on the outside, ideally suited to storing small and flat items such as maps, chem lights and power banks, and both pockets are secured with glove-friendly zips, meaning you don't need to fiddle if you prioritise keeping your digits warm!

Also present on the rear is a velcro panel designed to allow I.D patches and morale patches to be fitted so you can style up the Explorador to suit you. This can be useful for distinguishing your backpack from other similar packs, whether you are in the safe zone or you are patiently waiting for your backpack to appear at the baggage claim area at an airport. 

The lumbar area of the Explorador sports thick padding, maintaining comfort with a variety of loads inside and preventing those awkwardly shaped objects from poking you in the back and causing irritation. The two straps are also padded and fully adjustable, complete with D-rings and comms/hydration tube routing loops to keep everything neat. 

To more evenly distribute the load, a removable sternum strap is present and is also fully adjustable, allowing practically any body type to take advantage of the extra support provided. If you prefer to be able to drop your backpack quickly, the strap can be removed entirely and stashed for future use, saving weight and keeping it out of the way. 

On the inside, the Explorador has a pair of internal dividers, with the rearmost including a retention strap making it ideally suited to carrying a 15" laptop, weighted plate or hydration bladder. The second divider is designed for other slim and flat objects which need to be kept as such (books, writing pads etc), and a further pair of pockets are mounted on the front in the perfect spot to store any loose items such as charger cables, stationary and snacks. 

Also present inside the Explorador are 4 elastic pockets, two of which are well sized to hold a mobile phone or power bank, with the other two being slightly slimmer and a great size for marker pens, glow sticks/chem lights and compact flashlights. Despite the presence of all these pockets and dividers, the internal space of the Explorador remains expansive and has plenty of room for supplies thanks to the considerate and neat design of the internal storage areas.

Being constructed from 1000 denier Nylon, the Explorador will keep its contents dry in all but the heaviest of downpours thanks to its high stitch density and water-repellant surface. Naturally, we don't recommend going swimming in this backpack, but for short durations of rain, your kit should stay safe and dry inside. For very valuable items, we always recommend taking further waterproofing precautions if taking them out all day in the lovely English weather!

Whether it is for carting your study supplies to and from School, College or Uni, or as a Go-Bag for Airsoft or survival, the 8Fields Tactical Explorador is perfect for those who prefer a compact and discrete backpack with a hint of tactical styling. With water resistance thanks to its high stitch density, glove-friendly zips for easy access and ample space for daily activities inside its low-profile external design, the Explorador is ideal for those who go fully equipped but like to move swiftly!


  • 1000D Nylon construction - Water resistant thanks to high stitch density
  • Slim and compact design - Low snag shape, great for the adventurous 
  • Polymer "H Tactical" branded buckles - Allow the shoulder straps to be quickly released 
  • Glove-friendly zip extensions - Easy access with or without gloves
  • MOLLE webbing on the sides and rear - Attach MOLLE pouches to add capacity
  • 2x External pockets - Slim and flat, perfect for small/flat items, maps etc.
  • Velcro panel on the rear - Perfect for adding morale or I.D patches
  • Vertically oriented external loops - Hang items such as mess tins, tools etc. externally
  • Internal plate pouch - Fits a 15" laptop, hydration bladder or weighted plate
  • 4x Internal elastic sleeves - Sized to fit M4/AR-15 mags, mobile phone, pens and chem lights
  • Padded rear - Very comfortable, even with heavy or strangely shaped loads
  • Dual padded straps - Fully adjustable, D-rings and comms/hydration tube routers
  • Sternum strap - Distribute weight more evenly or remove it entirely for quicker removal
  • Grab handle on the top - Drag the bag or grab it easily when needed
  • Discrete design - Useful for Airsoft, outdoor pursuits or day-to-day use

Package Includes

  • 8Fields Tactical Explorador Backpack; 15L



Tactical Equipment Type
Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Multicam Colour Icon
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.95kg
Material Icon
1000D Nylon

Bag Specific

Main, Front, Internal, External Pockets,
MOLLE Compatible
Strap Style
Dual Strap
Grab Handle
Sternum Strap
Plate Carrier Attachable
Water Resistant