8Fields Tactical Goliath XL MOLLE Plate Carrier Vest

8Fields Tactical
  • 1000D Nylon construction
  • MOLLE Loops - Mount MOLLE pouches
  • Superb coverage - More protection than the usual PC

If you're looking for a plate carrier with more coverage than modern low-profile options, the 8Fields Tactical Goliath XL MOLLE Plate Carrier Vest should be right up your street. Constructed from 1000D Nylon with MOLLE loops across the front, rear and sides, this carrier is similar to body armour vests like the RAV and CIRAS, providing far more coverage at the sides and front, extending almost down to the belt line. We often hear requests for carriers with more coverage than JPC and similar vests; finally, this void is filled!

The Goliath XL is fully adjustable, with plenty of adjustment in the shoulders for taller users and cummerbund adjustment at both the front and rear via velcro, allowing for most body types. If you're working on a heavy "juggernaut" style loadout or you need more protection during intense CQB skirmishes, the 8Fields Tactical Goliath XL MOLLE Plate Carrier Vest is what you need!

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Most modern plate carriers are minimalist designs, intended to protect the vital organs only to promote mobility. The 8Fields Tactical Goliath XL keeps the modern aesthetic but offers far more coverage at the sides, front and rear, similar to RAV and CIRAS vests and ideal for skirmishers looking for more protection during intense CQB skirmishes. 

The Goliath XL boasts ample adjustment, both in the shoulders and the cummerbund via Velcro. This means tall skirmishers no longer need to worry about looking silly wearing a PC and there is plenty of side adjustment to fit almost any body type. This is the biggest strength of the Goliath XL; very few other plate carriers offer this amount of adjustment!

MOLLE loops are present on the front, rear and sides, allowing MOLLE pouches to be mounted wherever you need them including magazine pouches, dump pouches, admin pouches and hydration bladders. The flanks of the Goliath XL also boast plate pockets on the inside so you can add mock side plates and give yourself even more protection from those painful close-range hits. 

On the front and rear of the Goliath XL, we are treated to Velcro panels, ideal for Morale or I.D patches so you can give your rig a personal touch. The Velcro also doubles as extra MOLLE loops, allowing you to mount one of those fancy phone cases, extra mag pouches or a MOLLE-mounted pistol holster across the chest, if you do choose! 

Above the Velcro at the rear, we have a drag handle designed to drag stricken soldiers to cover for medical aid. This won't be a lot of use in its original purpose for Airsoft in anything but a worst-case scenario, but is a handy way to carry the rig when transporting it to a game. 

Inside the front and rear, we have absolutely massive plate pockets, intended for mock SAPI plates with extra space for a custom cut foam "soft plate" simulating kevlar. As it comes, the Goliath XL is already very protective but if you need a bit more, there is space on-board to do it!

If you need a plate carrier with maximum coverage, functioning as a plate carrier and soft body armour all in one, the Goliath XL from 8Fields Tactical is what you need. With plenty of MOLLE for pouches, loads of adjustment and room for patches, side plates, comms and hydration equipment, the Goliath XL gives the all-in-one philosophy a 21st-century style-up!


  • 1000D Nylon construction - Water resistant thanks to high stitch density
  • MOLLE Loops on the front, rear and cummerbund - Mount MOLLE pouches where you need them
  • Superb coverage - Similar to CIRAS and RAV vests, far more coverage than modern plate carriers
  • Comms/Hydration tube routing on each shoulder - Keep your wires and tubes organised!
  • Front and rear plate pockets - Fits SAPI style plates with room for soft armour
  • Side plate pockets - Add small plates on each side for extra protection
  • Polyester mesh backing - Breathable and comfortable
  • Removable shoulder pads - Distribute load well for more comfort
  • Velcro panels front and rear - Add Morale or ID patches to customise your rig
  • Grab handle on the rear - Great for carrying the rig
  • Struggling with MOLLE? Check out our MOLLE Guide

Package Includes

  • 8Fields Tactical Goliath XL MOLLE Plate Carrier Vest



Tactical Equipment Type
Tactical Vest
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Over 18

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.779kg


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Olive Drab
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1000D Nylon with polymer buckles & Velcro
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  • Polymer
  • 1000D Nylon

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One Size Fits All