8Fields Tactical Law Enforcement Assaulter Tactical Vest; 500D Cordura

8Fields Tactical
Code: M51611068-BK
  • Classic assault vest
  • Ideal for SWAT or other L.E loadouts
  • 500D Cordura construction - Part of the 8Fields Premium range

If you are looking for a classic, full coverage assault vest, the 8Fields Tactical Law Enforcement Assaulter Tactical Vest will do the trick! This assault vest is part of the 8Fields Premium range, boasting 500 denier Cordura branded fabric construction meaning reduced weight when compared to the 1000D nylon version but improved strength thanks to the use of military standard fabric. 

This assault vest is based on a well known real steel assault vest style known as the "OMEGA", and is equipped with fixed pouches and constructed on a breathable mesh base. The vest is fully adjustable at both the shoulders and waist, making it suitable for almost any body type. At the bottom of the vest, we are treated to belt attachment loops, allowing you to run your belt through the loops to hold the vest down for improved stability when carrying heavy loads. If you like a classic, full coverage SWAT style vest, this is one of the best repros we've seen!

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The 8Fields Law Enforcement Assaulter Tactical Vest is styled to match the iconic old-school SWAT-style assault vests prominently used before plate carriers became the norm. Based on the "OMEGA" tactical vest made by a well-known tac gear brand, the Assaulter Tactical Vest covers your entire body from neck to waist and is fully adjustable at the shoulders and waist. 

The vest is constructed from 500 denier Cordura branded fabric with a mesh base, meaning airflow is no issue with this rig and its weight is kept to the absolute minimum. Cordura is the military standard fabric used in a wide range of real steel combat gear and civilian applications requiring high strength. The benefit of this rig over the 1000D Polyester version is that it has reduced stitch density which results in reduced weight while still maintaining strength and water resistance thanks to its use of Cordura branded fabric.

Equipped with 3 M4/AR-15 magazine pouches, two large utility pouches, a further 2 small utility/admin pouches and a multitool pocket, this vest has enough carry capacity for most Airsoft applications. Inside the vest, we are also treated to a pair of zip-secured map pouches which are a great place to store valuables and objective-related equipment. The vest is secured at the front by an alloy zip, and adjustments are applied at the rear via three webbing straps on each side, and at the shoulders via velcro. 

Suitable for a wide variety of loadouts, from Stargate SG1 to 1990s FBI HRT, this vest brings the legacy design back into service benefitting from modern Cordura fabric. If you want more coverage than a modern plate carrier offers or you are working on an old-school SWAT or law enforcement loadout, the 8Fields Law Enforcement Assaulter Tactical Vest is ideal!


  • 500D Cordura construction - Part of the 8Fields Premium range
  • Full coverage - Covers you from the neck to the waist
  • Breathable mesh fabric base - Dissipates heat well
  • Zip front - Easy to don and remove
  • Drag handle on the rear - Your mates can drag you around if you let them!
  • Alloy D-rings on each shoulder - Add chem lights or other kit, also useful for cable/hose routing
  • Adjustable waist and shoulders - Suitable for almost any body type
  • Belt loops at the bottom - Attach the Assault Vest to your belt for extra stability
  • Built-in Pouches - 
    • 3 X M4/AR-15 magazine pouches
    • 2 x Large utility pouches
    • 1 x Small utility pouch with internal elastic retainers
    • 1 x Small utility pouch
    • 1 x Shoulder multitool pouch
  • 2 x Zip-secured internal map pockets - Great for valuables and objective-related items

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  • 8Fields Tactical Law Enforcement Assaulter Tactical Vest; 500D Cordura



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Tactical Vest
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Over 18

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Approx. 0.65kg


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500D Cordura with polymer buckles, alloy d-rings & zips.
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  • Polymer
  • Alloy
  • Cordura 500D

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