8Fields Tactical US Army WW2 Pistol Belt

8Fields Tactical
Code: WW001
  • US Army WW2 belt replica
  • Steel eyelets for attaching pouches
  • Canvas construction with steel hardware

If you use Airsoft for WW2 reenactment, this belt should be the heart of your loadout. The 8Fields Tactical US Army WW2 Pistol Belt is part of the 8Fields Classic range, replicating US Army WW2 kit in authentic canvas construction with steel hardware. The belt is size adjustable, suitable for waist sizes up to 44 inches and features steel eyelets for mounting WW2 pouches.

The belt is secured via a steel buckle, requiring a 90-degree turn for the "lug" end of the buckle to secure or release. The lowermost line of eyelets is designed to affix pouches, the central line to provide adjustment along with the belt-style hook and the top line to mount suspenders so you can carry heavier loads. Once the belt is adjusted to fit your waist, any excess material is held firmly in place by a pair of steel sliding retainers, keeping everything neat and tidy.

To add authenticity to an already excellent replica, the outside of the belt is boldly marked with "U.S.", just like the real belt it was based on. On the inside, the belt is marked with "COMBAT SERVICEABLE 1942", making it genuinely hard to distinguish from the real thing. To pair with the US Army Pistol Belt, 8Fields also offers a range of pouches including pistol mag pouches for the 1911 platform and Thompson mag pouches for the M1A1 Thompson, along with many other accessories including suspenders, haversacks and cantine pouches.

Whether you already participate in WW2 reenactment or you simply want to run an authentic-looking loadout with your historical replicas, the 8Fields Tactical US Army WW2 Pistol Belt is the way to go. With authentic canvas and steel construction, a realistic antique finish on the steel parts and compatibility with a range of replica pouches, this belt isn't quite as modular as modern MOLLE belts but it isn't far off!

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  • Canvas construction with steel hardware
  • Authentic antique finish on the steel parts
  • Marked "U.S." on the front - Just like the real deal
  • Marked "COMBAT SERVICEABLE 1942" on the inside
  • Waist size adjustable - Up to 44"
  • Steel eyelets for attachment of pouches
  • Press stud for affixing US Army 1911 Pistol Mag Pouch
  • Secured at the front via a steel buckle - Rotate by 90 degrees to release
  • Compatible pouches:
    • 8Fields Tactical US Army WW2 Thompson SMG Five-Cell Mag Pouch
    • 8Fields Tactical US Army WW2 First Aid Carry Pouch
    • 8Fields Tactical US Army WW2 1911 Magazine Pouch

Package Includes

  • 8Fields Tactical US Army WW2 Pistol Belt



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Over 18

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Approx. 0.247kg
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Approx. 5.4cm


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Canvas with steel hardware
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  • Canvas
  • Steel

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One Size Fits All