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  • Repair Leaking Mags
  • Extra Lubricated
  • Super Compact

Designed to restore life to dried out seals in Airsoft GBB and NBB pistol magazines, 40mm grenades and other gas devices. Stocked and used by our Patrol Base workshop and other staff members for years. Each can has 270ml contents and can restore magazines over and over. 

Please note this is not a guaranteed item to repair leaky magazines, but so far we have been impressed with its success rate. We have used this in store many times and repaired many magazines with slow leak.

  • Weaker Than Ultra Gas
  • Ideal Summer Gas
  • 700ml Content

A very popular selling gas especially during summer and in countries that have a warm climate. This gas really is a low power gas. It has a high silicone content, so you will need to clean your GBB Airsoft weapon more frequently to ensure longevity. 

Stocked and used by our Patrol Base workshop and other staff members for years, each can has 700ml of contents and can be used to reduce output power of a hot gas gun, or ensure smooth silky operation of a Polymer slided pistol.

About Abbey

Abbey Supply Ltd started in 1975 by producing silicone-based lubricants for air guns, and has since now expanded to include  gas, grease, oil, spray and more

They have since produced high-quality products for use with Airsoft guns and Airsoft maintenance, with a fantastic range for different uses across the board. The aptly named Predator maintenance gas helps maintain gas magazines and seals that have dried out leading to leaky mags, whereas Predator ultra gas is ideal for summer usage with gas guns.

Abbey also stocks a range of silicon products for Airsoft maintenance, from their Oil 35 dropper to their Oil 35 spray and everything in between to keep guns well lubricated and running smoothly and efficiently with minimized friction.