Abbey Gas Nozzle Extension

  • One Per Order
  • Heavy Duty Brass
  • Fill Through Base Plates

Designed to allow you to fill your gas magazines easier without having to remove any magazine base plates (providing they have a large enough hole drilled out for access). 

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Being brass you have a reliable extension but be sure to keep it safe as this is a small easy to lose item. You can stack multiple nozzle extensions together too for the extra hard to reach areas or magazines.


  • Heavy duty, won't bend under pressure
  • Reduce leaks
  • Double stack to make the extension longer
  • Works with most Airsoft gas magazine
  • Be sure to look after it as this is a small item it could be easily lost
  • Simple plug and play fitting
  • No tools required
  • Works pistol mags, Gas rifle mags and other gas storage devices

Package Includes

  • Gas Nozzle Extension



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Gas Specific

Gas Type
Green Gas