What is an Airsoft Gun?

What is an Airsoft Gun?

Getting into Airsoft Guns and want to know more before you buy? This simple guide outlines the Airsoft Gun basics you need to help you choose the right piece for you. Before we get started, let’s find out what an Airsoft gun actually is.

What is an Airsoft gun and what does it shoot?

Airsoft guns are replica guns that shoot spherical plastic projectile balls instead of bullets. These pellets are typically 6mm BBs. However, although they use BB ammunition, Airsoft guns differ from BB guns, and you can learn more about this with our guide on BB Guns.

Airsoft Guns are typically used for competitive gameplay such as skirmishing, perfecting your target shooting and historical reenactments.

There are countless types of Airsoft guns on the market, from smaller secondaries that you’ll need for those tight corners, to massive support weapons that can lay siege to any enemy. If you’re just starting out, we recommend choosing an Airsoft beginner gun to ease you in.

Krytac MK II War Sport LVOA (left), Krytac KRISS Vector (right)

What is Airsoft FPS?

FPS is the standard form of measurement for the power of an Airsoft Gun. It stands for ‘feet-per-second’ and essentially covers how fast your pellet will project once you’ve pulled the trigger. To give you a gauge of this, 1 FPS is around 0.68 MPH, so when you fire an airsoft gun with 400 FPS, your pellet will be travelling at an impressive 270 MPH.

It’s not as simple as that, though. If you’re using heavier BBs (standard BBs are around 0.20-0.28g), you’re going to reduce your overall FPS as it has to make up for the increased weight. Heavier BBs are more painful on impact than lighter ones, so remember that your FPS limit will decrease as you increase the weight of your BB.

Sites will have limits on how much FPS power your weapon can have, depending on whether you’re playing at an indoor or outdoor site. For indoor sites, you’ll usually have to cap your FPS at 350, whereas if you’re playing outdoors with a sniper rifle, you may be able to ramp it up to 500 FPS.

FPS limits also vary depending on weapon type. Since pistols are designed for CQB, your maximum FPS will probably be a lot lower than a sniper, which is typically used at much greater distances. Make sure to check with your local skirmish site before you go as you don’t want to show up looking like Rambo only to be turned away.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Airsoft?

The minimum age to buy an airsoft gun is 18. However, you can play on an airsoft site under the age of 18. Different sites will have their own minimum age requirements, though typically it is around 13-14 years old. For example, at our skirmish site Halo Mill. you have to be 14+, though you don’t need any previous experience in order to play here.

We’ve got more information on age requirements for Airsoft Guns here.

A player at our outdoor site, Halo Mill: Proving Grounds

What Is A Spring Airsoft Gun?

A Spring Airsoft Gun is exactly what the name suggests. These use springs to propel the pellet from the gun.

Using an internal spring action is popular with Sniper Rifles, as it gives them serious power since they only fire one at a time and have to cover much greater distances than other guns in the field. They can take longer to set up which makes them suited to more advanced players. In order to achieve maximum range, you’ll need to experiment with different HOP Rubbers and BB weights. Spring Powered Shotguns can be good for beginners getting into skirmishing as most of them will fire three BBs at once, great for clearing an entire corridor and ensuring accuracy through volume.

Spring Airsoft Guns need to be manually cocked for each shot, which means you won’t see any semi or full automatic Spring Airsoft Auns.

A Sniper operating on the bridge at Halo Mill: Proving Grounds.

What Is An Electric Airsoft Gun?

An Electric Airsoft Gun - or AEG - is an Airsoft Gun that is powered by electric; usually a rechargeable battery pack. They are the most popular type of Airsoft Gun on the market, mainly because they can fire fully automatic and are reliably accurate, making them ideal for players who are just getting started.

They’re fairly low maintenance in comparison to Gas Guns and are ideal for all weather conditions as they don’t lose functionality in the cold.

A player with an Airsoft Electric Gun at Halo Mill: Proving Grounds.

What Is A Gas Airsoft Gun?

Gas Girsoft Guns utilise compressed gas as their source of power, such as CO2,HPA and different gas colour variants including green, black, and red.

When it comes to colour variant gas, green gas is the standard gas that most gas blowback guns will take. Though you can find higher power colour gas, such as black gas, you should really consider if you need that much power before purchasing as it will wear down your parts quicker. Make sure to read the gas can to check the colour of the can matches the kind of gas inside - the actual colour of the can isn’t always a reliable indicator!

A player with their own custom-made Gas Airsoft Gun.

What Is Blowback On An Airsoft Gun?

Blowback Airsoft Guns use the compressed gas to imitate the kick-back simulation of pulling the trigger on a real gun. They are the most realistic type of airsoft replica, so if you’re looking for the closest thing to the real experience, a Gas Blowback gun is likely the best option for you. However, bear in mind that as gas guns rely heavily on mechanical movement, they need to be well looked after and regularly lubricated.

Has all this got you in the mood to get out on the battlefield? We thought so. Then you should probably take a look at our Airsoft Gun collection - it’s the biggest in the UK.

If you’ve got any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.