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Was £419.99
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  • Cycles fine in both modes
  • Magazine appears to have feeding trouble
  • Scratches here and there 

This BOLT BR47 was returned to us due to a locked up gearbox. This has since been repaired, and the rifle cycles as it should. The magazine that comes with the gun appears to have issues feeding. There are scratches on the receiver rail and handguard rails, on the trigger guard and near the front pin hole on the left side of the rifle. Buyer beware, this rifle may have magazine compatibility issues, as when tested we could not fit a steel AK magazine into the magwell. 

Was £439.99
Save £120.00
  • Non-functional
  • Externals all wobble
  • Butt plate has broken tab and damaged pad

This BOLT B4 MK12 was returned to us due to a damaged receiver. The receiver has been replaced but the handguard and stock tube both now wobble, and the butt pad is covered in scrapes and damage, and has a broken tab. The AEG worked when it left our workshop but upon testing it sounds like the gearbox is locked up, but the problem may be more significant that that so as such this is sold as non-functional. The magazine and box have both gone missing, the rifle will be shipped in a non-standard box but no magazine is supplied.

Was £509.99
Save £186.00
  • Rifle is in peices
  • It will need replacement parts
  • Such a shame :(

This PTS Syndicate Mega Arms .308 rifle was returned to us due to an issue with the HOP unit, which is broken. The barrel nut will also need replacing due to damage during disassembly. The rifle has some scratches on the receiver rail from mounting optics, as well as some small marks around the mag well from insertion of the magazine. There are some scratches on the outer barrel and gas block, also from disassembly. The two tone paint is worn in some places but is intact, for the most part. This rifle will require spare parts from PTS to function again. 

Was £509.99
Save £130.00
  • Externally great
  • Cycles fine on both modes
  • HOP issues

This LCT LCK-15 was returned due to HOP issues. The rifle still cycles fine in both fire modes, but has some scratches on the left side of the receiver, and on the rail attached to the dust cover. The selector switch is also quite stiff but this appears to be part of the design, better stiff than loose! 

Was £119.99
Save £20.00
  • Cracked outer barrel
  • Slight markings
  • Fully functional

This VORSK EU18 has a slightly broken outer barrel on the inner of the slide, however the gun has been tested and cycles and feeds perfectly fine, just be aware that the outer barrel may need replacing down the line.

Besides that, the slide is slightly scratched but this is barely noticeable.

So why not grab yourself a discount quality sidearm with a unique design.

Reduced price pre-loved or damaged airsoft guns and parts for projects and spares

The airsoft boneyard: where guns and parts come in need of some love. Ideal if you’re looking for a cheap airsoft gun to get you going, or if you’re looking for a new fixer-upper project these second-hand used guns will be a perfect place to start. This is the Patrol Base collection of pre-loved and reduced-price airsoft guns, spares and parts, including everything from guns and sniper rifles to mags, grips and grenades.

All of the products you’ll find in boneyard come with information on issues and repairs needed. if you’d like more before you purchase however, feel free to get in touch with us.

Please note: Items cannot be returned for a refund once purchased. Before purchasing please check out our full breakdown of our terms and conditions.