APS CO2 Cartridge Adapter

Code: HA004
  • Dispense CO2 from nozzle
  • Tough alloy construction
  • For use with CO2 grenades

If you've ever had a need to fill up your CO2 MOSCART grenades with CO2 and can't use a full bulb, this handy CO2 cartridge adaptor is here to save the day! Simply install a bulb inside the adapter and you can dispense CO2 gas via the nozzle just like a green gas bottle.

This is specifically used for APS Hell Fire Grenades and CO2 compatible MOSCART grenades, DO NOT use this with green gas magazines as you will cause them serious damage!

For those of you rocking an APS launcher or enjoy playing demo with CO2 MOSCARTs, this is an essential bit of kit!

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  • For use with CO2 grenades
  • Tough, alloy construction
  • Ridged ergonomic grip
  • CO2 fits inside
  • Dispenses via nozzle
  • Handy attachment ring

Package Includes

  • CO2 Cartridge Adapter

Special Instructions

This product is specifically for APS Hell Fire Grenades and MOSCART grenades if they are CO2 compatible. DO NOT use on any products that are not compatible with CO2 such as green gas magazines as his will cause them serious damage!



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Approx. 37cm
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Approx. 160cm
Product Width
Approx. 37cm
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Approx. 0.135kg

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