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  • Polymer construction
  • Enhanced nozzle for improved air seal
  • For Action Army AAP-01 Assassin GBB pistol

If you want your AAP-01 GBB to be running at its absolute best an enhanced nozzle would be a great choice to get the most out of this impressive platform. The CowCow Enhanced Plastic Nozzle is designed to improve the air seal performance and gas efficiency of the AAP-01, the result of which should be an increase in rate of fire and cyclic speed, with less wasted gas per shot. The set includes an enhanced loading nozzle for the AAP-01 GBB and the nozzle valve lock pin.

  • For AAP-01
  • Ideal Spare
  • Loading Nozzle

A Polymer constructed Gas/Loading Nozzle for the Action Army AAP-01 Assassin Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol, which is an ideal spare part to own, and is absolutely vital to the function of the Pistol. If you plan on using Full Auto a lot, then a Spare Nozzle is a must-have, as you don't want to be caught out come skirmish day.

  • High quality Polymer
  • Reinforced Design
  • For TM M4 MWS

A replacement nozzle guide for Tokyo Marui M4 MWS Gas Blowback Airsoft rifles. This nozzle set can be used to strengthen the replica as a more durable upgrade than the existing part. If you're looking to use the MWS at higher than standard FPS then this could be a great upgrade part to handle the increased pressures of more powerful gas.

  • Polymer construction
  • Complete nozzle set
  • For Action Army AAP-01 Assassin GBB Pistol

If you want your AAP-01 GBB to be running at its absolute best an enhanced nozzle would be a great choice to get the most out of this impressive platform. The CowCow Enhanced Plastic Nozzle Set includes an enhanced nozzle, nozzle valve, valve lock pin, valve spring and enhanced piston head, and when installed these parts should improve the shot to shot consistency, provide smoother cycling performance and improve the rate of fire of the AAP-01 Airsoft GBB.

  • Polymer construction
  • For TM Hi-capa/1911 and clones
  • High flow - more recoil!

If you want a snappier slide speed and increase recoil, you need more gas flowing to your internals! Introducing the Edge Enhanced High Flow Nozzle For TM Hi-capa/MEU/1911 from Airsoft Masterpiece, intended to do just that! This nozzle provides an increase in gas flow per shot to your pistol over standard loading nozzles, and this will result in increased recoil and slide speed. The nozzle is constructed from high density polymer to ensure the loading component of the nozzle remains rigid and lasts a lifetime.

  • Increase power (140%)
  • Polycarbonate Construction

Designed by KWA for use in the KWA and PTS Mega Arms LM4 / MKM gas blowback Airsoft guns, these high quality replacement nozzles are manufactured from extremely durable polycarbonate, and offer users the ability to enhance their Airsoft gun's presssure and FPS. 

About Our Airsoft Gas Nozzles

Take a look at our range of dynamic, essential airsoft gas nozzles, and add the ultimate spare to your kit. Having a high quality nozzle is key if you want to get a quality performance out of your airsoft gun

At Patrol Base, we provide products from leading brands including Angry Gun, Action Army and PTS Syndicate,  so you can take to the range knowing that your kit is all superb quality. 

From adjustable parts to durable materials, each airsoft gas nozzle in our range is designed to help you to withstand even the most intimidating skirmishes. Reinforce your presence on the battlefield and choose efficiency to ensure that you’re the last player standing. 

Shop now, and take a look at more of our must-have spares, from gas blowback springs and o rings, to gas blowback bolt carriers and all of our spring internal parts.